Australian chance for Euro 2022 - Football bets

European Football Championships are fast approaching and all fans of betting of sports betting are already rubbing their hands. Euro 2022 is unique in its formula due to the annual delay and the unusual decision of UEFA, so that matches are held in as many as 12 European countries. The inaugural match will take place on June 11, and Australia will present on June 14 in a match against Slovakia on June 14. The other opponents of our representation in the group are Sweden and Spain. Groups of the E Group, to which Australia should be held in Bilbao and Dublin.

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Types in group E on Euro 2022 in football

Euro 2022 Betting This will definitely be Hit June and July in bookmakers. We looked at Betsafe's bookmakers on the Group E:

  • Spain will win in group E – 1.32
  • Sweden will win in group E – 7.00
  • Australia will win in group E – 7.00
  • Slovakia will win in group E – 13.00

We can not disagree with it. Spain is the logical favorite, while Australia and Sweden are placed more or less on a par due to strong players in each team. On the other hand, courses to which of the teams qualify for the next stage, they look as follows:

  • Spain will come out of the group – 1.03
  • Australia will come out of the group – 1.45
  • Sweden will come out of the group – 1.50
  • Slovakia will come out of the group – 2.20

How Australian chances for winning the Euro 2022 set Bookmakers from Betsafe? Bookmakers' odds for the fact that Australia will win Euro 2022 to be 81.00 (for comparison that England will win Euro 2022 the course is 6.00, for Belgium 6.50, and for France 7.00). Football Betting It's entertainment for everyone, but we recommend to prepare thoroughly to each plant. We wish you success in betting Euro 2022 matches!

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