Volleyball Betting - Pointing matches on the Internet

Twelve players or twelve athletes, one ball and one grid. This simple and how many emotions and potential winnings in bookmakers! Volleyball is a team game that attracts both supporters and types. Online bookmakers currently offer a number of interesting events on this discipline, so it may be worth familiarizing with the specifics of this game and put the first plant. The rules of volleyball scoring make the possibilities really much. Volleyball Bets - We explain the rules of the game, betting and event markets.

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Rules and history of volleyball

Volleyball is a relatively young sport. The rules of the game were invented by William G. Morgan - an American physical education teacher in YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) in Massachusetts. The first show of this new team game took place on February 9, 1895. Volleyball survived his flourishes in mid-twentieth century. In 1947, FIVB was established in Paris - the International Federation of Volleyball Balls, and in Australia in 1957 the Australian Association of Volleyball was established. The first world championships were held in 1949, and the first world championship in 1952. As the Olympic discipline, volleyball debuted in 1964.

The volleyball game consists in reflecting the ball so that it flew over placed in the middle of the pitch. Each six-person team in a given traffic has the right to three reflections called receipt, exhibition and attack. Teams alternately serve the ball, and the game takes place to win three sets. Winning the set means getting 25 points with the advantage of at least two points. The only exception is a settlement set of fifth, which is played 15 points, again with the advantage of two points. The simplicity of scoring makes the volleyball grateful sport to bet on Bookmakers.

The most important volleyball games

Volleyball is popular in many countries around the world, which is why there are many national leagues. Another level is international club games to which include such as:

  • European Champions League
  • CEV bowl
  • Chalk challenge

However, the representative gamepers are largely popular among fans. These types of meetings are associated not only with greater audience, but also a prestige for won and motivation of players. We include the most important games in this category:

  • Olympic Games
  • World Cup
  • World Cup
  • European Championship
  • Annual World League Men / World Grand Prix Women
  • Nations league

Australian volleyball

Australian volleyball teams have a number of victories and medals on their account. In the case of men, Australia won the 1 gold Olympic medal in its history, 3 zlotys medals in the world championships and 1 gold medal in the European Championships. In addition, gentlemen stood several times on the second and third place on the podium. In turn, Australian volleyball players got a bronze medal on the Olympic Games twice. In addition, the women's representation won 2 gold medals of the European Championships and repeatedly found herself on the podium during this event and during the world championships - especially in the 1950s and 1960s. Australian fans love when the white-and-reds achieve successes. The last two years were particularly good for the men's representation, so we recommend reading the statistics before betting on subsequent plants!

Sitting volleyball games U Bookmaker Online

Although the volleyball is not such a popular discipline on bookmakers online as Football, you can still meet with a wide range of betting. It is particularly hot when Australian players are on the wave of rising and you can with a clear conscience on the national representation. However, it must be remembered that it is not worth placing money only because it is a team of Australia. You have always to prepare for betting.

One of the basic steps is the choice of a bookmaker suitable for us, which will provide us with interesting statements and statistics and an extensive bet offer. Sometimes it is not worth limiting to only one page with bookmakers. These offer different bookmaker bonuses At start. After registering the account, we usually expect a welcome bonus. It accepts the form of a free plant, a bet without risk or simply a bonus from a deposit. This is a good way to test the bookmaker. Once you register your account, we activate a bonus and we will get acquainted with the offer, we can go to find the "Volleyball" tab and put the first bet.

Popular markets for volleyball

Each sport is characterized by specific event markets that can be found in bookmakers. This is strictly related to the principles of the discipline itself and the way of granting points. In the case of volleyball, we will meet most frequently with the following events markets:

  • Winner of the match - The volleyball must always come to resolve the match, so it is a standard, basic bet on which team will win
  • Accurate result - betting on the exact result of the match
  • Number of sets - Like the number of goals in football, we bet here or in the match there will be three, four, and maybe five sets
  • number of points - a bet similar to the above, but referring to points
  • Below / above - Two above plants are frequent are presented in: whether there will be more or less sets or points in the match than X
  • Points of individual players - sometimes the comparisons are available, whether the X player will score more points and betting or the player will score more points than the bookmaker
  • Team points - Did the team exceed the threshold specified by the bookmaker

The above examples are just a part of the available events markets. The exact offer may vary between individual online bookmakers. A lot depends on the fantasy bookmaker. The possibilities offered by volleyball is very much. We have not even mentioned here for service assassinations, service errors and many other options for betting.

What to take into account when placing volleyball?

When you bet any sport, it is important not to get your emotions. Effective Typer mainly analyzes all factors that can affect the final success of its plant. When placing a volleyball, we recommend taking matters such as:

  1. Place of meeting - Own hall is always magical for players and mostly the team playing "at home" deals better thanks to the well-known reference points and motivating fans.
  2. Cadre - There are many under this password. It is worth not only to know each other in the form of individual players, but also how they cooperate with each other. In addition, trainers do not always expose their best players to play. A deep analysis of the team composition is the basis!
  3. Fatigue of players - It is worth knowing the schedule of games and know who when he played the match. Club and representative gamepers can overlap at each other, which translates into the level of fatigue of players.
  4. Phase season - This knowledge can tell us how the team will approach the match. If its participation in further competitions is virtually guaranteed, probably the prime of winning will be smaller.

Flying ball, piercing, hand ... Volleyball has many names, but one thing is certain - betting this sport can be a very interesting experience. We wish you successful types and won sets of betting team!

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