Casino in the world - The most famous stationary casino

Although online casino gain more and more popularity and are still arriving users using this form of entertainment, they must admit that the stationary casino have their unique spell. Therefore, despite the stunning popularity of online casinos, stationary casinos still attract amateurs of green tables and elegant dealers. Let's check out where the biggest and best legendary are located Casino in the world.

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Las Vegas - Casino number one in the world

American city, Las Vegas, located in Nevada, is probably the first association of every passer-by asked about the best casino in the world. This is a huge casino complex that never sleeps. In the city there are as many as 222 terrestrial casinos, of which 51 are located at Alei The Strip. The first casinos were created there at the beginning of the 20th century. Las Vegas is a definite number one in the world of gambling for many years and every devotee of a specific casino atmosphere should at least once in a lifetime to see it illuminated by neonities the city.

Macau - Epic Vegas in China

Macau is one of the two special administrative regions of the Chinese People's Republic. It is located on the east coast of China and this is definitely a unique region. Government warsaw there do not apply and visitors can easily devote themselves to gambling entertainment. The region offers as many as 41 casinos that are so followed that they bring more income than Las Vegas. Asians like gambling and casino games and you can see in Macau. If you want to visit Las Vegas in a more exotic envelope, Macau is an excellent choice.

Monte Carlo - a luxury pearl of Monaco

Casino in Monte Carlo - Casino de Monte Carlo - this is one of the first casinos in the world. It was created from the order of Duchess Monaco to cleverly multiply the principals of the Duchy and save them from bankruptcy. Today's Monaco certainly does not associate with a low asset. This luxury casino complex in Monte Carlo gives you the opportunity to play roulette or poker and simultaneously admire the view of the Mediterranean. Allegedly, Ian Flemming was here, when he came up with the idea of a new book about James Bond - Casino Royale. Historically interesting place in a beautiful surroundings - Casino Monte Carlo is worth visiting.

Atlantic City - Casino complex on the American coast

The east coast of the United States can also boast of a large casino complex. Of course, I am talking about Atlantic City. A short ride from Philadelphia and we are already in this somewhat underestimated compared to Las Vegas casino city. One of the investors putting a casino in Atlantic City was the former president of this country, Donald Trump. When visiting Atlantic City, you can not only walk on beautiful beaches, but also to try happiness on actual one-armed bandits - slot machines that are full of casinos.

Melbourne - Casino City of Australia

Thinking about Australia, we do not necessarily think about casinos. From there, however, Big Time Gaming comes, which created an incredibly popular Megaways technology. sloty Megaways Currently, the market for games for games in Casins onlineBut Australia can also boast a large stationary casino. In 1994, in Melbourne, the second largest city in Australia, the CRANN MELBOURNE casino was established. The complex quickly gained popularity and today attracts crowds of casino fans in this part of the world. The interest has increased enough that the brand turned into a network, but it was in Melbourne, the first Australian Casino was created in Melbourne. You can not only play casino games, but also visit numerous bars and nightclubs.

Australian casino - Capital of the Queen of Gambling

Casino madness caught up at a moment and Australia. Although the first legal stationary casino was created in Sopot about 100 years ago, now Warsaw can boast of the best casinos. Biggest Australian casino They are located in the capital - Casino Australia offers up to 27 tables for the game, and Casino Warsaw 24. In general, 40 casinos operate in Australia and practically every larger city can boast. So you do not have to travel away to feel the atmosphere of a real casino.

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