Basketball Bets - How to bet NBA and other matches?

Basketball is a particularly popular sport in the United States, where basketball courts are in virtually every city, and great stars of this sport motivate poorer inhabitants to dream and fulfill their dreams. However, this sport also reached other continents and currently basketball leagues are in very many countries. Popular also became to bet on basketball games in bookmakers. No wonder, because the specificity of basketball makes the possibilities and variety of plants really consider. Basketball bets, or how to bet and what events can we encounter online bookmaker websites. We invite you to read!

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History of basketball

The history of the basketball will be very similar to the history of the retina. In this case, the rules of the game were also developed by the physical education teacher in the American YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) in Springfield. James Naismith's idea won a competition for a new sports discipline organized by the school. The first basketball match took place in 1892 and with time the game spread around the world - starting from Canada to Europe and further Australia and Asia.

Men's basketball debuted on the Olympic Games in 1936, and in a female version in 1976. In 1932, the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) was established and, along with the growing popularity in individual countries, the national basketball leagues began to organize. The American League - NBA is probably most famous. In Australia, the first basketball tournament played junior high school teams in 1909. In 1957, the Australian Basketball Association was established. The basketball ball was and today is a common discipline taught in primary and secondary schools.

Shortly about basketball rules

The basketball match consists of four 10-minute (or 12-minute NBA league) quarter. On the pitch there are two five-person teams, and the winner is a team with a higher number of points on the account. On the pitch, of course, there are two baskets on two opposite ends, to which competitors must hit the ball. You can get from 1 to 3 points for a particular projection. The above description is a simplification and only a summary of the general purpose of the basketball match. In addition, there are rules on scoring, a way of moving a player with a ball and possible errors regarding this, fouls, changes and many more. To place a basketball correctly Bookmakers, you should prepare it properly - get acquainted with all the principles and specifics of the game, statistics and watch many matches.

The most important basketball tournaments in the world

At the online bookmaker, we bet a specific sporting event, which is why it is worth knowing the most important tournaments in a given sports discipline. In the case of basketball, we are dealing with many national leagues as for example:

  • United States: NBA (National Basketball Association) men and WNBA (Women's National Basketball Association women
  • Canada: NBL (National Basketball League)
  • Spain: ACB - Men league, LFB (Femenina de Baloncesto league) women
  • Australia: EBL (Energa Basket League) Men, BLK (Basket League Women)
  • Italy: Basketball alloy a
  • France: Pro A (National Basketball League)

In addition to league games in individual countries, international tournaments are also organized. The most important ones include:
  • Olympic Games
  • FIBA World Championship (Club and Representative)
  • FIBA continental championship (EuroBasket tournament in Europe)
  • FIBA 3 × 3 world championship

Basketball matches

Basketball beats popularity records primarily in the United States. Both the representation and American clubs have the largest number of victories in their account during various important international tournaments. The Australian team does not enjoy such a great success (although in 2019, the White and Red Unexpectedly took the 8th place during the World Championships). Poles advised quite well in the 1960s, when we gained two bronze medals and one silver during the European Championships. Nevertheless, and currently basket ball fans are not lacking and translates into the popularity of this discipline in bookmakers. There is no shortage of bookmakers offering basketball bets on the internet.

To start betting on basketball meetings, register an account on the Bookmaker's website. In many cases, we will receive attractive for the registration itself Bookmaker bonus. The most common forms can include a free first bet, a bodies without risk or a classic deposit bonus. Many bookmakers offer Live betsIf we want to bet on a basketball in parallel to the match lasting at the moment. This is an interesting option in addition to standard short-term plants (for a specific meeting during the tournament) and long-term (for example, for the winner of the entire tournament or the league matches).

Event Markets U Bookmaker

The specificity of basketball allows you to develop very many different plants that we can bet on a bookmaker. The most popular events markets include:

  • Bet on the result of the match - In this case, we are dealing with two types: three-door and two-way factories. Due to the fact that in the regular time of the game, the result of the meeting can end with a draw, we have three options to choose from: team win 1, team win 2 or draw. In the case of extra time, the winner must already be selected, so we can only bet on one or second team.
  • A bet on a quarter or half of the match - Typing that will win in a given quarter or mid-match
  • Number of points above / below - Determine the number of points scored by one or both teams
  • Handicap - Typing of winning or loss taking into account the number of points
  • Prey - Typing, how much a specific player will win points, but also for example assists, rebounds or blocks
  • Team prey - Determining whether a team will exceed the point threshold designated by the bookmaker
  • Body / odd result

The above examples are just a part of basketball plants available on the Internet. A lot depends on the specific bookmaker and the scenes of the meeting, which is why it is worth comparing the offers of different bookmakers and not limit themselves to one.

How effectively bet on basketball matches?

Knowledge and analysis of the situation and previous meetings are key cases when placing online sports. What is necessary for analyzing when betting basketball is definitely:

  1. Statistics - Knowledge of statistics is practically necessary for basketball. Statistics on specific players will be particularly important.
  2. Contents - It is worth following the health and form of individual basketball players and basketball players.
  3. Phase season - Potential, motivation and form of teams can vary depending on the date of the meeting in the season. Favored teams can also save strength during some less important meetings.
  4. Place of meeting - As in practically every sport, the team playing on their pitch usually copes with stress and potentially can have a better chance of winning.

During the basketball match, a lot can happen and therefore betting this sport is so interesting. The relative complexity of the rules while a friendly way to counting points makes more and more people bet on basketball. We wish you good luck and as many throws for three points for a bet!

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