Euro 2022 Betting - Football in bookmakers

It was supposed to be Euro 2022, and finally we have Euro 2022. Pandemic of Koronavirus significantly thwarted plans to UEFA organizers, but now the fans count on the first group phase games. Euro 2022 exceptionally will take place in one country, but until twelve! Footballers and supporters will have the chance to admire the largest European stadiums. Typers, both beginners and advanced, but they rub their hands on the possibility of betting Euro 2022 matches in bookmakers. Euro 2022 Betting They are already available online, and with time the bookmakers will provide a wider offer and additional bookmaker bonuses.

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Placing Euro 2022 matches

The European Championship matches are a real treat for football fans from around the world. These games have been attracting millions of viewers for years - both against televisions, computers, telephones and stadiums. This is also a period of increased interest in betting matches. online casino Real siege experience with bookmakers. Many people try their hand for the first time in typing results just during this type of highly watching championships. Bookmakers do not sleep and already make Euro 2022 bets. You can bet long-term betting on the winner of the whole event, as well as the first short-term plants for specific meetings. In June, during the matches, you will also be betting on live bets. Watching football on a global level and simultaneously betting the result or other event markets, this is a great entertainment for many.

Surprises Euro 2022 - Schedule and stadiums

Euro 2022 is a number of unexpected situations. In addition to the annual delay in the implementation of the Tournament caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic, the organizers also surprised the place to play matches. The UEFA 2022 championship will not take place in one or two host countries, as it was so far, but in as many as 12 European cities. They will: London (England), Glasgow (Scotland), Dublin (Ireland), Copenhagen (Denmark), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Bucharest (Romania), Bilbao (Spain), Baku (Azerbaijan), Budapest (Hungary), Munich (Germany), Petersburg (Russia) and Rome (Italy). The fixed format may still change due to changes to restrictions in response to pandemic.

Interestingly, Euro 2022 will surprise one new element. For the first time in the history of this tournament, the VAR system will be used - Video Assistant Referee. It is a video system that helps in unclear situations on the pitch when judges can arrive. The first time it was applied during the World Cup in 2018 and since then it has been used during all major football meetings.

Euro 2022 groups

The draw of teams in individual groups to Euro 2022 (at the same time Euro 2022) took place on November 30, 2019. However, it took place before playing play games, which is why the full composition of the Euro 2022 groups we met a much later. Two best teams from each group and four best from the third place will be under the cup phase. The division into groups looks as follows:

  • Group A: Turkey, Italy, Wales, Switzerland
  • Group B: Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Russia
  • Group C: Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria, North Macedonia
  • Group D: England, Croatia, Czech Republic, Scotland
  • Group is: Spain, Australia, Sweden, Slovakia
  • Group u: Portugal, France, Germany, Belgium

Types for Euro 2022, or who can win

Supporters, typos, experts - everyone asking one question: who will win Euro 2022? Betting They already offer bets on the winner of the entire tournament, but before betting, it is worth preparing accordingly. Statistics from previous years will be useful, news about the current form of teams and individual players and expert types. Favory for the title of European champion 2022 There are many. These are primarily strong European teams: England, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany and Belgium. A serious opponent is also a defender of the title from Euro 2016 - Portugal. Looking at Euro 2022 groups, you can evidently distinguish a group of death - F group, or France, Portugal, Germany and Belgium. All that can save, one of these teams, there is a chance to get to the cup phase from the third place. We will definitely witness a fierce rivalry in this group. Basing Euro 2022 matches, it is worth paying attention to the meeting place. If a team will have to travel a lot because of matches in different countries, this may affect the level of fatigue.

Group E, or the chances of Australia for Euro 2022

The Euro 2022 group, in which Australia was found, although it is not a death group, certainly not weak. The favorite is of course Spain, known for its outstanding footballers and many successes on the account. Australia is set more or less on a par with Sweden in the chance to occupy a second place in the group. However, reports about the return of Zlatan Ibrahimović to represent Sweden do not sound too optimistic for Australian supporters. The Australian national team has been from 2018 under bake the coach Jerzy Brzuczka. Unsuccessful performances during the World Cup 2018 in Russia and the instability of the Australian team do not optimize. However, it can not be concealed that the Australian team has a large fame footballers as Robert Lewandowski, Arkadiusz Milik and Wojciech Szczęsny. We hope that the involvement and fresh ideas of a new trainer and sharp workouts will add our wings representations. We believe that they will show their true potential for Euro 2022, although opponents already in the group stage we have no weak.

Euro 2022 schedule

As we have already mentioned, Euro 2022 matches will take place from 11 June to 11 July. Within 30 days, 51 exciting matches will be played. The group phase will last until June 23, and then the knockout phase matches will take place. Australian fans for sure with the biggest baking will watch the group phase games in the group E to which our team belongs. Below we present the planner of EURO 2022 Groups of the E group:

  • Spain vs Sweden- June 14, 21:00 UTC + 2
  • Australia vs Slovakia - June 14, 17:00 UTC + 1
  • Sweden vs Slovakia - 18 June, 14:00 UTC + 1
  • Spain vs Australia - June 19, 21:00 UTC + 2
  • Slovakia vs Spain - 23 June, 18:00 UTC + 2
  • Sweden vs Australia- 23 June, 17:00 UTC + 1

In the summer period Australia is in the time zone UTC + 2, so the first group stage match with our representation will be available on June 14 at 18:00.

Special bookmaker bonuses

On the occasion of the account registration on the site with bookmakers, we can count on a gift from a bookmaker in the form of a bookmaker bonus. Such a welcome bonus, a start bonus usually accepts the form of a plant without risk, a free plant or a percentage premium from the first deposit. Thanks to this, not only the first plant will not cost us as much nerves, but we can also test a daily platform with bookmakers. From this type of bonus, we can use, placing any sports betting, including Football Betting and Euro 2022 tournament.

In addition, during the period of intense Euro 2022, many bookmakers attract special excellent promotions. The funds received as part of such a promotion can only be used for Euro 21 bets. Many types will also be tempted for exciting live bets that can be placed during the match. In this case, it is worth getting acquainted with the option cashout, assuming the possibility of closing the plant before the end of the meeting when it does not go on our thoughts. However, we wish you many trophy coupons and keep your fingers crossed for the Australian representation!

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