Welcome bonus - Award for the Casino Registration

It would be hard to find online casino today, which would not tempt new, potential Ekstra customers offer for start. welcome bonuses It's really a mutual benefit. The casino gain new players, and users receive additional funds for the game previously unknown platform. This is the most popular type of bonuses, thanks to which you can test the casino offer. The start-up bonus can be used only once, so it is worth taking a look at its conditions and compare them with other casinos. It's definitely what you choose!

  • A good casino bonus
  • Offers sports betting
  • Great Brand in Australia
AUD 2000
  • A wide selection of sports betting
  • Welcome offer for poker
  • A lot of free spins
3000 AUD + 400 free spins
  • High Jackpots
  • Many payment options
  • Over 50 years of experience
3000 AUD + 500 Free Spiny
  • Daily jackpots
  • A high welcome bonus
  • A wide range of games
4000 AUD + 400 free spins
  • Many payment methods
  • Over 1000 slot machines
  • Great bookmakers
1250 AUD

What is a welcome bonus?

Anyone who started his adventure with online gambling, knows how many online casinos can be found in the search engine. Welcome bonuses (Welcome Bonuses) are one of the features that distinguish one casino from the other. These type offers can be more or less complex and beneficial for users. Generally speaking, welcome bonus This will encourage you to register a new account. It is directed to people interested in setting up an account and practically every Australian casino Internet has such a bonus in its offer.

Depending on the policy of a given casino, the principles of receiving a welcome bonus will be different. Sometimes it is necessary to introduce a special bonus code during the deposit. Sometimes it is necessary to customer service that will activate the offer on our account. In the vast majority of cases, however, the welcome bonus is automatically added after registration and in the case of deposit bonuses - after the first payment of the relevant amount.

What is included in the welcome bonus?

Welcome bonuses can be divided into two categories - Bonuses without a deposit and Bonuses from the first deposit. The first is a real treat for new players who want to familiarize yourself with the offer and characteristics of a given casino without investing your own resources. This is a great option for a game without risk with the possibility of winning real money. Bonuses without a deposit take the form or an additional pool of money for start as a free from casino or free spins. The free sum is usually not too big, but it still allows you to have fun. Free bonus Spiny allow additional twisting in selected gaming slot machines.

However, the most popular type of deposit bonuses are the most popular type of welcome bonuses. The casino really exists in the offers of this type. It is an additional cash injection to be used in the casino received after the first deposit. Such a welcome bonus is most often presented as a percentage from the deposit, e.g. 100% to AUD 2000. This means that after paying the first deposit on the new user's account, 100% more resources will appear than deposited, up to even AUD 2,000. So if you make a payment of 500 zlotys, you will have to use as much as AUD 1000! However, if you pay AUD 3,000, you will receive a maximum amount of bonus funds, which is AUD 2,000. In the offers of this type, the minimum deposit amount is reserved, e.g. AUD 60. All information on the amount of limit or the conditions for using the bonus are always available in the regulations, which is why we always encourage you to familiarize yourself with it.

Or maybe something more?

In some casinos, the welcome offer is a bit more extensive and can consist of a combination of a bonus from a deposit and other attractions. In this case, we will not only receive additional funds after paying your own money, but also for example a certain number Free spins. Sometimes such free turning on the start does not have any turning conditions! In addition, as part of a welcome package, for example aimed at poker devotees, players can find tickets for poker tournaments. It is also worth looking at offers aimed at live casino fans. What's more, also registration of an account in a mobile application of a given casino can involve another welcome offer specially prepared under players "in motion". The possibilities are much, so it is worth comparing online casino offers to find an ideal for yourself and harmonizing with our preferences.

Why do casinos offer start bonuses?

One would wonder why online casinos offer so many additional funds for start. It is worth noting, however, that this is an excellent advertisement and encouragement for new players! Additional money on your account is an extension of the pleasure of the game for users, and for the casino chance that the player will remain in the casino for longer and make another deposit. For some "free" players, money will also be motivated to take a greater risk in the game, which, of course, can involve a greater win, but from the point of view of the casino also with a greater potential profit.

While the ground casino can attract new customers a unique atmosphere or colorful drinks, online casinos have to deal otherwise. Welcome bonus is one of the ways to stand out from the competition. Depending on the specifics of a given casino, we can expect additional free spins if the casino is famous for video gaming or a live casino bonus if this is the main attraction of the platform. The choice belongs to us and depends on our preferences and expectations!


Like the amount of the welcome bonus itself, yes and the conditions for its receipt and use will vary between individual casinos. Although each offer will govern its rights, it is worth paying attention to several details:

  • Turnover conditions - This is one of the most important aspects of every bonus, not only this welcome. Bonus funds are mostly limited by specific trading conditions and they will distinguish quite a strong one bonus from the other. If, for example, it is necessary for a 10-fold rotation, this means that when you receive a 100 AUD bonus you will have to play for AUD 1000 before you pay a won money. The lower rotation, of course, more preferably for you!
  • Choice of games - Casinos like to reserve the opportunity to play with bonus funds for selected game selection. It's worth reading the regulations and find out if your favorite is on the list.
  • Stakes - Each casino and each game will have other minimum and maximum rates, so in some it will be easier to make the required marketing, and in some more difficult.
  • Period of validity - Additional bonus funds are usually subject to temporary restrictions - you can use them on a given date on the registration.
  • Payment methods - Sometimes the casino determine which payment methods are subject to promotion and which are not. Only when making a payment through a given form of payment, it will be possible to activate bonus funds.
  • Domestic restrictions - Welcome bonuses may vary between individual countries.
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