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Currency existing only on the web, independent of banks and policies? 15 years ago this type of concept was unthinkable. In 2009, however, as a result of rebellion in response to economic changes in the world, Bitcoin was created - the first cryptowalut Internet. Although the history of this form of payment is quite unclear and today we do not know who is behind this, it can not be concealed that the cryptolts revolutionize the world of internet transactions and the concept of currency at all since then. Casino cryptosal - I'm cryptolut and how to use it in online casinos? We will deal with these topics in the article below.

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What is cryptowalu?

Crypt this kind of revolution in the world of payment. Cryptographic currencies are online currencies based on peer-to-peer technology, in which all users are anonymous and have equal powers, and on the complex principles of cryptography and mathematics. These are currencies only on the Internet and decentralized, and therefore rotated without the participation of banks. Thanks to this, they are also independent of the current economic, political, economic and traditional currencies.

The first and most popular cryptovalum is created in response to the world-prevailing financial crisis and a decrease in the value of traditional currencies in 2009 - Bitcoin. The currency name comes from two words: bit, or the smallest memory unit on your computer and Coin, or English coin. The creation of this cryptolts is attributed to the person under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto, although it is not known to this day who exactly is the creator of Bitcoin. Cryptosalums can be made a variety of transactions on the internet - shopping, pay for reservations or pay and pay money from online casinos. The recipient must accept such a form of payment and currently every time the online casinos follow this trend, offering one or more cryptowalut as an available form of payment.

Other cryptosal

Bitcoin's name is almost everybody of websites about our ears, but after 2009 many other cryptowal have appeared. In some casinos we can meet with Litecoinem, called a younger Bitcoin brother, Dogecoinem, initially formed as a joke in response to memes with SHIBO dog or cryptoped Dash, Previously known under the name Xcoin. Among others you can distinguish: NEM, Tether, Monero, Neo and Stellar. Cellar, Innovative online casino (which can be read at our review) currently offers payment and withdrawals in 25 different cryptosals, giving users a really wide selection.

How to use Cryptowalut in online casinos?

First of all, to use cryptowalut in casinos and Bookmakers You must have some measures in the selected cryptol. You must find a suitable online exchange and exchange euro or dollars on a specific cryptolet. To collect funds in a cryptolute, appropriate software is necessary, for example, an internet portfolio that supports cryptosal. Secondly, to pay or withdraw funds in online casino, check that the casino data supports such transactions. Typically, these payments are facilitated by intermediaries like BitPay, Spectrocoin and Cubits. We advise the use of licensed, renowned casinos, of course. Information to be given when deposit payment is the amount and address of the cryptosal portfolio. Similarly, the situation looks in the event of payment of resources, but remember that some casino They allow you to pay won in the cryplot you only if you have made a payment in the same form.

Our opinion about cryptolts in casinos

Putting and paying money in online casinos with a cryptowalut brings a few significant benefits. First of all, the fees related to this payment method They are usually very low or often completely zero. Another positive feature of cryptovalut is anonymity and privacy - the only thingaving we need to make a payment and withdrawal are the address of the portfolio. Bitcoins, for example, can be shimmering on a traditional currency, although the Bitcoin value is subject to certain fluctuations. Transfers in cryptolts are virtually immediate and thanks to encryption are also safe. The downside can be that they are non-returnable and cancel them. In addition, not all online casinos offer a cryptosal payment option, but along with the growing popularity of this method, certainly every time the casino will open to this innovative form of payment.

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