Online roulette - an exciting happiness game

Smoked hall, men in suits, women in long dresses and moving wheel rolls. Such an idea of the casino has more than one of us! Undeniable Roulette It is one of the symbols of gambling games. Nowadays, Roulette plays at any time and for everyone in virtually every online casino. This is one of the most popular casino games. It owes its popularity to simplicity of the principles, live game options, but above all a unique atmosphere that accompanies this game from the beginning of its history. Let's look closer to the history and rules of roulette.

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Hystoria Roulette

History of the uprising casino games Roulette is a bit mysterious, because to this day, its final version was not fully established. It speculates that Roulette was invented by European circu-circuses, ancient Romans or Chinese monks. However, the most popular version that accepts the French scientist, Blaise Pascal, for the creator of the first roulette. He was particularly interested in the probability statement, randomness and invention of Perpetuum Mobile. As a result of his work in the 17th century, the prototype of the wheel of Roulette was created.

Over the years, the game evolved, but unfortunately the gambling was illegal in most countries. The roulette game sprayed Blanc brothers in the nineteenth century. According to the legend one of the brothers, Louis, he wanted to know the mystery of winning in this game of happiness that he made a pact with the devil. This is one of the reasons why Roulette is called "Satan's Game". Roulette became particularly popular in the first European Casino in Monaco. There also a version with one zero, which increased the chances of winning for the casino. Monaciin casino was created to prevent the crisis in the country and support the state budget.

Roulette scored the heart of the player also behind the ocean. In the nineteenth century, she quickly widespread in casinos in Las Vegas, and over time all over the United States. The Americans made another change in the original appearance of the wheel and added another field with zero. Currently, Roulette is a standard game in every ground casino in the world, and is available in the online version. The first online roulette game was created in the second half of the 1990s.

Types of roulette

We have already mentioned that roulette gaining popularity in various parts of the world, changed their face slightly. Today, we can distinguish her 3 types:

  • European roulette
  • American roulette
  • French roulette

The circle of Roulette in the case of European roulette has 37 fields - not one of the other numbers from 1 to 36 and one green field with zero. This means that the probability of gaining by the casino all plants is 2.7%. This is the oldest version of roulette. American roulette differs from the European additional zero field - 00. Thanks to this casino has a chance to win equal to 5.26%. In the American version, however, it is possible to bet on the zero field when we bet three or five numbers.

French roulette is a variation of the European version. Again on the wheel there are only one zero, but there are also 2 additional rules - en Prison and La Partage. The first principle states that when the ball falls into the compartment with zero, the player's bet is frozen to the next round. La Partage, in turn, means that the player loses only half of his bet when zero is drawn. Overall, this is a roulette version a bit more friendly for players and their money.

Routing rules

The first step to start the game is to replace cash for chips. Each player at a given table has a different color tokens so that there are no misunderstandings. When you join the Roulette Table Table, you will see near Roulette with black and red compartments and a table for betting. After appointed for betting, the Croupier turns the wheel of Roulette and throws a ball in the opposite direction. Yes, of course, will be when we sit to a table with a roulette Live. In the case of online roulette, this will be possible thanks to the random number generator. Depending on the type of roulette and placed plants, after drawing a given interval, you can count or win or lose your bet.

Roulette bets - famous black or red

Departing, where the ball stops on the roulette wheel, it is the most interesting element of the roulette game. The betting table contains all 36 numbers and zero and several additional sectors, thanks to which the choice is much wider than a single bet per number. The sum of all numbers on the wheel is 666 and this is another reason why Roulette is called Satan's game. Two main categories of plants are internal and external. Interior plants are:

  • Straight = one number - plant on a single, specific number
  • Split = two numbers - a bet for two neighboring numbers
  • Street = Government - a bet for three numbers located in the same row
  • Six line = two rows - a bet for 6 numbers, which are in two neighboring rows
  • Corner = Horn - bet on 4 numbers sharing horn

External plants include additional sectors on the table and distinguish here:

  • Black or red - in this case you bet what color will be drawn
  • Even or odd - you put on the victorious number will be either even or odd
  • Low or high - Low plant includes numbers from 1 to 18 and high from 19 to 36
  • Columns - you bet where the winning number will be in three columns
  • Tens - you bet one of three dozen numbers

In some available versions of roulette, you can also meet with Section and Neighbor. Section plants relate to individual roulette wheel regions. In turn, Neighbor's betting means a choice of a specific number and 5 adjacent roulette with it.

Tips on how to play roulette

There are many roulette strategies. Regardless of which you choose from them, also remember a few basic simple principles:

  1. First, try a free version to get to know the game rules well.
  2. Choose a beneficial type of roulette.
  3. Look at what are the minimum and maximum plants in a given game.
  4. Determine your own limit and keep your budget.
  5. Choose the most favorable bet.
  6. Hold on your chosen strategy.
  7. Always choose a safe and checked online casino.

Roulette online

If the classic online roulette does not give you enough emotions, try one of a series of options in online casinos live. Such entertainment resembles a game in casino Stationary, because near Roulette and a ball moving a real dealer. In addition, a rich range of various, interesting versions of roulette is to choose from. One of the most popular Live Roulette is Lightning Roulette from Evolution Gaming. In this version, after placing the plants, the array with numbers is defeated by lightning, as a result of which 5 numbers are drawn. Lucky who betrayed them will receive a winnings enlarged for a multiplier. It can be from 50 to 500 times more, so the game is definitely more exciting! Players can also take advantage of attractive bonuses on a roulette game.

Among other versions of online roulette live, you can also distinguish Double Ball Roulette, in which we have two balls landing in circles. Mini Roulette is a miniature version of roulette with a smaller pool of numbers, and Multi-Wheel Roulette assumes a draw on more than one Roulette wheel. Players also have 3D Roulette choice with much more realistic graphics and sounds like a real casino.

As you can see, Roulette is a game of interesting history and providing excellent entertainment. A multitude of versions, plants and strategies makes the roulette game deliver a unique thrilling emotion. We wish you good luck in betting in this devilish game!

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