Slag Sports Betting - Oblasting Black Sport

Black sport, because so commonly calls the slag, this is an exciting motor sport played mostly on tracks with a characteristic black surface. Ryk motorcycle engines, spectacular races and amazing competitors' skills attract crowds of fans to stadiums, as well as types for bookmakers. The popularity of the slag is particularly visible in Australia, Sweden and England. Slag bets Sports are available in various bookmakers, so it is worth familiarizing with the characteristics of this dangerous but exciting sport.

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History of the slag as sport

Senior sport does not have a long history because he was born at the beginning of the 20th century. Road motorcycles were used for racing. Racing on on different surfaces: grass, cycling tracks or tracks for dog racing, which is why English initial sport name was dirt-track. The first actual competition was organized in Australia on December 15, 1923. The idea of motor racing went to Europe in the 1920s. The first competition on the speedway pavement took place in Manchester on June 25, 1927. In turn, the competition that attracted a larger number of viewers - as much as 30,000 - took place in 1929. Soon after, the first speedway league - British Elite League was established.

In Australia, this sport appeared a bit later, in the 1930s. The first individual competition was organized in Mysłowice in 1932. Initially, races were shared on class due to different engine capacity in used machines. With the creation of a regular league in 1948, motorcycles specially adapted to the speedway pavement began to appear. Currently, the popularity of the slag is the largest in Europe, and in particular in Australia, Sweden and Great Britain.

Briefly about the principles of slag

Although there are several sport variations generally called the slag, the oldest and most popular version is a classic slag. It is played on tracks of different length and characteristic, black, loose surface. In each race, otherwise called the run, by four laps racing (mostly) four speedway riders. A competitor who will first exceed the finish line receives 3 points, as the second - 2 points and as a third - 1 point. Last player or player who will not finish the gear, for example due to exclusion, fall or defect of equipment, does not receive points.

The competition is played in individual form, pairs or multi-person teams. In individual competition, every riddle has the opportunity to present several times on the track, meeting each player from the opposite team or teams. The result of one run decides about the main cast, and the best players meet in the final. In the case of team games, points obtained by individual speedway riders are summarized.

How do you read slag statistics?

Reading with understanding of speedway statistics is an important skill when placing betting on this sport. Exclusions, defects, medium number of points and other categories can affect the course of subsequent gears and games generally. We therefore present to develop basic shortcuts that can be found in tables with statistics:

  • M - number of matches played
  • B - Number of gears
  • 1, 2, 3, 4 - Player's position in a given run
  • D - Number of motorcycle defects
  • U - Number of falls
  • W - number of exclusions - a competitor can be excluded from the race by a referee for several different reasons: lateness to start, causing a breakthrough by falling, causing a fall of another player, touching the starting tape, doubling the opponent, crossing the internal edge of the track with both motorcycle wheels, inadequate behavior and incomplete equipment
  • T - number of taps - how many times the player touched the starting tape
  • Wed or Wed / match - Average number of points for running and for the match

How to bet on a slag?

Slag is a fairly niche sport discipline, but in Australia the interest in this sport blooms. Similarly, the situation looks in Sweden and England. Therefore, Fans of Black Sport should not have problems finding Bookmakers Offering bets on speedway. After choosing a bookmaker Online and the assumption of an account, we can safely select a bookmark with the bets on the slag. In addition, some bookmakers also offer live bets in this category, so we have the opportunity to bet during the match. Gears take place every few minutes, which gives you a chance for another betting and potential multiplication of our funds! Before starting to bet, however, it is worth familiarizing with the statistics and news regarding the form of individual competitors. The slag season runs from March to September or October, which is why a larger number of plants can be expected usually in this period.

Speedway bets - Event markets

Each sporting discipline is characterized by characteristic event markets that can be placed. This is related to differences between the principles of individual sports. When placing on the slag, we can expect the following available events markets:

  • Zakład 1 × 2 - So a bet, who will be better who will win in a given match.
  • Handicap - In this case, Bookmakers add a theoretically weaker team advantage. In the slag handicaps are added to the final match scoring.
  • H2H duel - from English head to head It means typing between two players who will score a larger number of points during the meeting. Some bookmakers offer an option to take a draw or refund if the sum of points will be the same.
  • Number of points below / above - Zakład This type usually applies to an individual scoring of individual competitors.
  • Long-term plants - Typing that team will win the entire tournament or league.

Key leagues and slag tournaments

As we mentioned above, the slag is particularly popular in only several countries in Europe. Therefore, the most important leagues can be completed by Australian Ekstraliga, Swedish Eliteserien, English Premier League and Danish Dansk Super League. On the other hand, the largest international games are:

  • Speedway Grand Prix (SGP)
  • Speedway Euro Championship (SEC)
  • Macec cup
  • Speedway Best Pairs
  • Team World Championship

The Australian slag league is one of the strongest in the world. Players from the world leaders are regularly competing in Australian clubs. Currently, the most titled club is the Union of Leszno with seventeenth gold medals. Just behind her, you can distinguish: Row Rybnik, Stal Gorzów and Polonia Bydgoszcz. In addition to league games, they are also organized:

  • Individual Australian championship
  • Australian club pairs championship
  • Individual and team championship of the Junior League
  • Golden helmet
  • Silver helmet
  • Brown helmet

Bookmaker bonus

As with other sports, bonus resources can be used when placing a slag. Bookmakers are overwhelmed in favorable offers Welcome bonuses In the form of a free plant, a bet without risk or a deposit bonus. Sometimes it is enough to register your account and get a free bet. Thanks to this, we have the opportunity to test the bookmaker's website - also in terms of betting specifically on the slag. Navigation, the way of presenting plants and statistics may differ between bookmakers, so it is worth taking advantage of bonus funds to get to know the page and choose the best for us.

Tips for slag

Knowledge and collecting specific information is the basis for betting sports in bookmakers, for example: Betsson i Casino Euro. In the case of slag, it is worth paying attention to:

  1. Statistics - Number of falls, exclusions and points can tell us a lot about the form of individual players and teams.
  2. Composition - The composition of a team is particularly important in the slag. One weakening in the team can have a huge impact on bookmaking courses and handicaps.
  3. Tor - Length, adhesion, type of surface - everything can be important. It is worth tracing the story of previous matches and players preferences, because there is no equal track.
  4. Place of meeting - Whether the team is hosting whether the guest is of great importance in the slag. The favorites are mostly hosts, because they can prepare a track for the preferences of their players.
  5. Starting field - A matter relevant to live plants. The track may look different in different places.
  6. Weather - Of course, in the case of rain, the competition is moved to a different date, but a small rain may affect the conditions on the track and even the final result of the meeting.
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