Free Spiny - a chance to win without your own payment

Each beginner player dreams about the situation to win a satisfactory sum of money. The players who have already prompted the taste of winning have an even bigger appetite. When this chance does not mean risking your own, hard-earned money, the offer seems not to be rejected. Such an exciting chance to win Free spiny Offered by online casinos to play on machines. Bonuses in online casinos are definitely nice to get to the game and it is worth comparing them. Often it is an opportunity to get to know the online casino data without your own investment and its offer games. In the article below, we will dispel any doubts about one of the most interesting bonuses - free spins.

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What are free spins?

Free spins is one of the names of this bonus circulating on the Internet. You can also meet with the English version, "Free spins"Or with free spins. Free spins is nothing but free tries in slot machines that can be obtained from the casino in a specific situation. For example, free spins often come into part of the welcome package and we can use them immediately after registering in the casino. Thanks to this bonus, it is possible to know the specifics of a given online machine, its mechanisms, graphics and sounds. The choice is really wide! From a traditional one-armed bandit for crazy machines modeled on known films, fairy tales, computer games or legends.

Where did the idea get to introduce something like free spins? The first company that shared Bonus Free Spins for players about 5 years ago was Swedish Netent. This is one of the most innovative gaming manufacturers. Initially, free spins were only available on the machines created by this company. With time, however, technical capabilities of other manufacturers went forward and free spinning became much more popular. Today, this is a definite hit every casino - one of the favorite bonuses among all players.

How to get free spins?

As with other bonuses, what kind and what the number of free spins we can get, it will depend on a given online casino. Frequent free clipping on video slots will be a way to encourage novices to set up an account on the casino website. They can be part of the welcome package. The welcome offer may, for example, consist of a cash bonus and additional free spins. However, this will usually be an offer with a mandatory deposit payment. Rarely, because rarely, but there is an offer for free spins without a deposit. In this situation, no own deposit will be necessary, and for example, only the assumption of a new account.

Free spins are also a great addition to users who already have their accounts. For example, you can receive them with the next top-up. Online casinos also appreciate regular customers who pay bigger sums by granting free spins. Usually, VIP programs will have more levels to be promoted by paying money and playing for them in casino games. Some online casinos also lead to loyalty programs. The collected points can be exchanged, among other things, just on free spins. The Casino command to a friend can also be profitable! If your friend registers with the help link, you can get free spins.

I guess no one would be able to resist free spins to a brand new online casino. Free turning is a great opportunity to encourage customers to visit a virtual casino. That is why they are part of the advertising campaign of freshly open casinos. Also in the case of new game machines, it is possible to win free spins. It is obvious that internet casinos will want such a vending machine. So why not use and assess the latest machine, which is loud on the web!

Different types of free spins

When you browse the page of individual online casinos, you can meet several additional concepts about free spins. It is worth distinguishing several types:

  • Free Spiny No Deposit
  • Free spiny from the deposit
  • Cash free spiny
  • Super spiny or mega spiny

As we mentioned earlier, some casino can advertise free spins without a deposit, which receive newly registered players. There is a bonus of free spins that we will receive after payment of the deposit or re-power. In addition, the so-called "Cash Fre" SPINA also can be distinguished, which will not be able to have any specific marketing requirement. This situation, however, happens quite rare because it is quite risky for the finance of the casino itself. Sometimes you can find free spins whose marketing requirement has been reduced to only 1x. All free spins have a specified value. Unfortunately, this is mostly the lowest possible rate. From time to time, however, we can come across a special promotion. Free spins can then be set to a higher rate dating back to several zlotys. Such spins are usually advertised as "super spiny" or "mega spiny" and are definitely tempting an option

Free spiny as a win video slot

If we already talk about types of spins, it is worth making one more distinction. Free spins can be obtained not only in the form of a bonus, promotion or as part of a loyalty program, but also during a game on a given game automat. When the slot machine shows three or more Scatter symbols, depending on the vending machine, free spins, a bonus game or other additional functions activate. You can get, for example, 3 free screwing, but usually the machines are awarded with 5-10 spins. It all depends on the properties and regulations of a given gaming machine. Video slots fans really appreciate this type of variety. Especially that in combination with Wild or multipliers symbols, fun can be even more exciting and fruitful in real winnings. Each machine will have different principles of individual functions, which is why it is always worth familiarizing with the payout table before starting the game. Free spins will definitely add a game of interesting dynamic!


The use of free spins is very easy. Most often, it is enough or to set up an online casino account, or accept a free spin bonus after deposit payment. After going to the page with a given video slot, your spins will be ready to turn. However, which should always be an indispensable step of each responsible player, it is careful to familiarize yourself with the regulations of free spins.

In most cases, this bonus will be covered by the need to make a turn before the possibility of paying a win. In the case of free spins, it will usually be a few ten times a winnings - for example 40x. So if you receive 40 spins from the casino with the necessity of 40-fold rotation and you will win AUD 10, you will have to bet AUD 400 to pay the win. Another issue is time limits and plants. Online casinos specify the regulations at what time you can use your free spins. In addition, you are usually not able to use the highest rate, and your win can have a specific limit. If, using free spins, you will win more than those specified in the regulations, unfortunately this resources will be lost. There is also a limit of one bonus for household data, which is checked after the IP address.

In summary, Free Spiny is a great opportunity for new players to get acquainted with the characteristics of the game on machines. This is also an interesting allowance for current clients who want to assess the new casino or a new, intriguing video slot. The possibilities are thousands, so if you know what free spins are and how to use them, start today!

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