Bingo online, or an exciting draw

Different types of lotteries were known to humanity for centuries and have always been popular. A note of uncertainty that will be another drawn number and question whether this happy, always attracted crowds. Probably that's why Bingo became such a hit in many countries, and now she does a sensation in online casinos. Simple rules, element of randomness and exciting waiting for another draw - the success of bingo is in these characteristic features of this game. We present details How to play Bingo, what are the winning patterns and how, by accident, Bingo has gained its unusual name.

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Why Bingo is Bingo - History of the game

The popularity of lottery games similar to today's Bingo wandered from the country to the country. The beginnings are stated in the Italian lottery "Lo Gioco del Lotto d'Italia", which was founded in the 16th century. Two hundred years later the game appeared in France, where it functioned under the name "Le Lotto". In the nineteenth century, in turn, educational game with similar principles as today's bingo was founded in Germany. Her goal was not gambling, but helping children learn writing, mathematics and history.

As many other original games for Europe, in the twentieth century Bingo went to the United States and survived the real boom there. According to statistical data in the 1930s each week, over 10,000 games were played. To this day, this form of entertainment remains very popular in the United States and Americans spend millions on the game coupons.

How did this characteristic, vibrant name come from? The game that appeared in America initially wore the name of BOAN from the English word "Bean" meaning beans. It was the seeds of beans because they were used to cover the read numbers on the cards. During one of the excited winner, the player shouted "Bingo!" Instead of commonly known "Boo!". This is how the case "Bingo" entered use as the name of the game.

Currently, Bingo does not play only in specially prepared for this salon or when collecting funds for a special goal. This is also not a game only for pensioners, against commonly prevailing belief. Today, everyone can play a round on a computer screen or smartphone - all you have to do is access online casinos. The first game of Bingo Online was published in 1996 "Bingo Zone". Then, in 1998, "Bingo Blitz" was created, and subsequent years brought another virtual incarnation of this exciting game.

Number of balls, or types of bingo games

The traditional Bingo version is mainly known in two versions:

  • Bingo 75 - with balls with numbers from 1 to 75 and the plane to cover with dimensions of 5 × 5
  • Bingo 90 - with balls with numbers from 1 to 90 and a slightly larger plane with dimensions of 3 × 9.

The first kind is especially popular in the United States, while Bingo 90-ball is a British domain. However, as you can guess, online games manufacturers did not only stop on these two basic variants. In online casinos, you can also meet 50-ball or 30-ball bingo, where the cards are only 3 × 3 and the gameplay are very fast. In addition, games can vary into a graphic luminaire, a winning pattern or winning multipliers. However, two basic bingo versions can be found most often on pages Casino Online.

Bingo online game rules

When playing traditional bingo players buy tickets and occupy places at tables in the room. The leading balls with marked numbers and announces them loudly, and players are circulated with a red marker card. Each coupon has a different number of numbers, therefore a larger number of coupons can increase the chance to win. However, you have to carefully circle the drawn numbers at a specified time. Lucky, who will succeed by the winning pattern, shout out the famous "Bingo!", And after checking the card by service, they can expect a withdrawal. Depending on the regulations, the game can be continued (more than one victorious pattern on the card). Players in a real living room must follow the rules and behave accordingly not to disturb others.

Bingo Online is a much simpler form of entertainment similarly zdrapki online, not burdened with so much principles related to the social aspect. Just choose the game and the number of cards and join the table. Thanks to a special chat, some games enable communicating with other players. He adds a game of interesting aspect from real salons to play. In the case of Bingo Online to announce a win, we do not have to shout, and just press the appropriate button. The cards and format of the game may vary, which is why you should always get acquainted with the rules in the regulations before starting the game.

There are various winning patterns on bingo cards. However, the most popular ones include:

  • The line - When drawn numbers are located in one of the horizontal cards of the card
  • Two lines - When the numbers circled are in two horizontal card lines
  • Full house - A layout giving the biggest win - when all numbers on the game card are circled.

Welcome and bonuses

Both players who have not yet tried their luck in bingo and loyal devotees of this game, appreciate the offered by the casino Bonuses without a deposit. Sometimes special welcome offers aimed at bingo enthusiasts establishing, for example, 100% bonus at the first deposit. In this case, when you deposit, for example, AUD 100 additional AUD 100 will receive from the casino to use on a bingo game. Remember, however, that the offers always have specific rules, so carefully read the regulations. If you want to play for free, and at the same time have a chance to win, the bonus option for registration will be ideal for you. Thanks to this, you can have the opportunity to test a given game in Bingo without having to make your own money.

Tips and tips

The online bingo game is a random game. The drawn numbers are chosen through a random number generator, so it is impossible to predict their order. However, we have a few tips, thanks to which your game will be safe, but also exciting at the same time!

As we have already mentioned earlier, a larger number of cards to circle increases the likelihood of winning. This is due to the fact that each coupon contains a different combination of numbers. Remember, however, to play with such a number of cards you are able to control. For a lot of cards can lead to a situation when you do not circulate numbers respectively on all cards. Do not waste money on too many cards and do not go to deep water right away. Estimate your budget and start from one card. Game in Bingo Online is, however, it is interesting that you can often choose Auto-Daub function, thanks to which drawn numbers will be circled on your cards automatically. So you can participate in conversations in chat and watch the game at the same time. This also increases your chances, because you can play with the maximum available number of cards. Remember that the fewer participants of the game, also better for you.

Bingo Online is an uncomplicated but exciting entertainment for everyone. Thanks to the simple rules, it attracts thousands of players every day. What satisfaction when you can shout "Bingo!" In your home and get a win!

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