Blackjack, or the OCZCZE card

A simple concept - obtain a result equal to or lower than 21, different values of cards and game against the dealer. But Blackjack is not only counting! This is a game full of emotions, because as story shows, the right strategy brought many this huge satisfaction, which is the heat of the dealer. Player in blackjack takes decisions affecting the course of the game, which definitely adds the charm game and raises adrenaline. So what is Split, Stand and Hit? What are the values of cards? Where did this game come from? Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in the world, available in practically every online casino - often also in a live or mobile version. We therefore become familiar with its history and principles.

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History of Blackjack game

The beginnings of the existence of a similar game for Blackjack reach the eighteenth-century Europe. It was then that in France a "Vingt et un" game has developed, which means twenty-one. In Spain, "Ventiuna" was played (again the name means twenty-one), and in Italy in "Seven and a half", a game similar to the abovementioned. The principles and goal of the game consisting in collecting the sum of 21 points already resembled today's blackjack. However, Blackjack itself comes from the United States. The popular card game reached the ocean at the end of the 19th century and in the then casinos a card layout consisting of a peak ASA and Waleta was paid in a ratio of 10 to 1. The Black Jack name - from Black Waleta in English - clung to the game permanently.

In the second half of the twentieth century, blackjack began to be interested in mathematics and how the mushrooms after rain began to appear publications that work out the strategy of playing the first factors. The famous positions include: "Optimal blackjack strategy" written by Roger Baldwina and "Beat the Dealer: Strategy for the Game of Twenty-One" Edward O. Thorp. Method card count Providing the advantage over the dealer has become a nightmare of casinos, which, wanting to make the winners who have increased the number of waist used in the game. To this day, however, Blackjack remains a game in which this satisfying situation is possible, which is a casino. Currently, this is one of the most popular online casinos games, also available in a live version.

Values of individual cards in blackjack

As we mentioned above, the counting is important in blackjack, which is why each card has a specific value. Card figures, i.e. pallets, ladies and kings have a value of 10 points, similarly cards with a ten number. Depending on the player's decision, as can be counted as 1 point or 11 points. The value of the remaining cards (2 - 9) is calculated in accordance with the numeric value indicated on the card. The game usually uses 6 to 8 full wall deck (52 cards) to suitable together. Sometimes, however, you can meet with a blackjack version with only one Tali - Single-Deck Blackjack. It is worth remembering the Point Counting System to accidentally not confuse it with the Baccast, where the values are different.

Basic principles and course of the game

Main reason casino games Blackjack is to get a scoring like closest 21 (but not above) or exactly 21. The game takes place between players and the dealer and that's the dealer we want to overcome. You can do this by:

  • Obtaining the so-called Blackjack, or 21 points immediately after handing out two cards (provided that the dealer does not have blackjack)
  • Achieving the final score higher than the dealer, but lower than 21
  • Losing the dealer - when this one will take additional cards and exceeds score 21.

The gameplay starts with two cards to give each player and the dealer. Player cards are discovered, while only one dealer card is visible. Based on the received cards, the player must decide on his layout and possible choice. When all players make a decision, the dealer reveals his second card and depending on the scoring the game is either completed or the dealer selects the card. The dealer's game is automated and subject to a specific rules contained in the Table Regulations. After discovering all cards, the systems are compared. Players with a score higher than the dealer receive a winner in a 1: 1 ratio to the plant. Players with a lower score lose and lose the bet. If the dealer exceeded 21 points, players back receive their initial factory. However, when the player obtains exactly 21 points is the best layout, although withdrawals may differ depending on the casino or blackjack variety.

Player options, or your decision

The most important moment in the Blackjack game is to make a decision after receiving two cards. The player has basic play to choose from:

  • Hit - Delping the card to get a closer score. 21
  • Stand - stop the received cards without selecting another
  • Double down - Doubling the bet and choosing one card (this when the player can double the plant depends on the principles of a given table)
  • Split - Separating cards with the same denomination and creating two separate systems with the same rate (the number of possible splits depends on the rules of a given casino and varieties of the game). A player can at this point to continue playing two hands and decide about the next steps for each of them.

In addition, other concepts may appear during the game. Insurance (Insurance) is an additional bet that usually half the initial plant can be possible when one of the dealer cards is as. When the dealer gets blackjack with a second card, the insurance is paid to the player. It is lost when the dealer will not receive tens. Surrender, in turn, this is the opportunity fulfillment Player cards available in some blackjack types. Thanks to this, the player can finish the game, losing only half of his plant.

Different blackjack varieties

Like most Blackjack card games evolved to several varieties. Among offers Casino Online We can find tables with the following kinds of this game:

  • Double Jack - Wallets are a card that brings more benefits
  • Switch - it is possible to play on two fields and replacement of cards between them
  • 5-hand - it is possible to play even on five fields at the same time
  • Double Exposure - some modifications and additional rules were used, eg, the dealer cards are visible to players
  • Single Deck - The game is based on only one card's waist
  • Pontoon - The game is based on French Vingt et un
  • Spanish 21 - Waist is devoid of tens

Variants to choose from is a lot, so to avoid surprise, it is worth getting acquainted with the principles of the table to which we sit. Blackjack is a game offering a lot of emotions and its principles are relatively simple, but if you do not feel confident, you can try one of the many available free games for starters. If you catch a bug, please read the strategies that will make your decision easier with each hand arrangement. In addition, if you want to feel like in a typical casino, take advantage of a wide range of live tables, where you have to deal with a real dealer. We let the eyelet to all enthusiasts of this fascinating game, which is Blackjack and we wish you high winnings!

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