WideOpoker - combination of poker and one-armed bandits

In online casinos, nothing is impossible. Developers of casino games are still overwhelmed in ideas, how to diversify the player's experience. And in this way, interesting hybrids arise. Although the history of the video clock reaches the 1970s and the actual physical machines of single-handed bandit with poker principles, Video He experiences a real bloom in online casinos. Here, the possibilities are much larger and therefore online casinos present many varieties of a video key. What is this game and why is it so special? We invite you to read.

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What is a video book?

Wideopoker is a relatively new casino game. In comparison with the roulette, the prototype of which already appeared in the 17th century, the history of the video show is much shorter. The first machine that is a combination of one-armed bandit with the principles of chosen poker, Draw Poker, was founded in 1979. The game became quickly popular among players whose table for real poker slightly intimidated. Wideopoker was especially liked in the United States, but rather did not gain great recognition in Europe. However, when they appeared online casinoThis situation has changed and currently play players from around the world.

What distinguishes a video cluster on the background of other single-handed bandit slot machines, it's a high refund to the player, or RTP - Return to Player. This is a return indicator for a long time and the higher, the better for players. In the case of popular gaming machines, this return is usually at 90-96%. For example, a popular Netent slot - Starburst - has a calculated return on 96.06%. In turn, the popular variety of video shows, Jacks or Better, has RTP at least 99.54%!

How does a video key work?

The prints of the video show are simple. This is a game of one player against the dealer controlled by the computer. Thanks to this, an element of the game against other players and the same part of stress goes here. Cards are drawn based on a random number generator, or RNG - RANDOM Number Generator. Games are regularly audited by organizations such as Ecograf and State institutions supervising the safe and just online gaming.

The gameplay is fast: after placing the plant, 5 cards are drawn. Select the cards you want to leave in your hands, click "Hand" and other cards will be randomly converted into others. Now depending on the system that has been drawn, you win a specified win. Mostly on the home screen, a desktop table is visible. You can associate card layouts from the classic poker game:

  • Royal poker
  • Poker
  • Caret
  • Full
  • Colour
  • Straight
  • Troika
  • Two couples
  • One para

The minimum winning system may vary depending on the video record and a specific payout table. So it is worth familiarizing with the principles and regulations of each game before starting.

Wideopoker online varieties

What makes a video key even more attractive is the fact that there are many varieties on the market. The best developers of casino games, such as netten and microgaming, are overwhelmed in ideas. The most popular version, Jacks or Better, provides a winner for one of the above systems, but also when drawing a pair of pallets. For example, in Deuces Wild two replace the role of a joker in poker or a wild card in slots, i.e. they take the value of any other card from the waist. Among the variants of the video clock, you can distinguish, among others:

  • Jacks or Better
  • Jacks or Better Double Up
  • Tens or Better
  • Jackpot Poker
  • Deuces Wild
  • Game King Video Poker
  • All Aces Poker
  • Joker Poker
  • Joker Poker 2

In addition to the capabilities on the computer, currently online casino users also have a video cluster at the mobile casino. Just open your browser on your phone or tablet and log in to your favorite casino with video adapter. Some casinos also offer specially dedicated mobile applications where login and navigation are even simpler.

How to play a video book with a bonus?

Wideopoker may not be as popular as other classic Casino gamesBut he has a bunch of devotees. In connection with its limited popularity, unfortunately many bonuses of free spins will not be able to use in this game. However, you can still take advantage of a deposit bonus or a welcome bonus and play with bonus agents, if the regulations do not indicate otherwise. Wideopoker is a game available in the online casino, but as it is a game against a computer, you will not find it in a live casino. Therefore, it is worth remembering that there will be no bonus in a live casino. Due to the high-phrase to the player, the video show is a great way to turn your bonus funds.

Wideopoker is an interesting alternative to classic poker. If you like fast gameplay and videoslots, you like poker rules, but you do not necessarily want to play with other users at the table, this is a proposal that is worth considering. We wish you good luck and powerful systems!

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