Formula 1 Bets - F1 racing

Controlling speed, quick refunds, adrenaline and tire squeak - Formula 1 is a real treat for motoring fans. These prestigious motor racing, organized from the 1950s, are not only a competition between talented drivers, but also the latest technologies. The popularity of this discipline initiated on the old continent can now be seen around the world. Racing are organized in many countries, and in some cases tracks are the streets of great cities. Therefore, the availability and popularity of Formula 1 in bookmakers online is also understood. Formula 1 Bets They are available in most bookmakers. So how are these ultra-fast and exciting races?

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Formula 1 - Prestigious car racing

Formula 1 devotees call this discipline of the Queen of Motor Sports. It must be admitted that it is a sport full of emotions, great money and amazing skills of the players themselves. Nothing is strange that it is also popular in Bookmakers online. Formula 1 was initiated in Europe in 1950. The first winner of the F1 world championship was Giuseppe Farina from the Alfa Romeo team. Since then, a cycle of international races has been carried out every year, the main characters of which are characteristic, single-seated open-body racing cars.

Currently, Grand Prix races are organized around the world. For example, in 2022, races are scheduled in Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Russia, Turkey, Great Britain, Italy, United Arab Emirates and Hungary. In 2019, a historic thousandth race was carried out since the beginning of the existence of Formula 1. Interestingly, these racing takes place not only on specially adapted tracks, but also on the closed streets of cities. Therefore, we distinguish street, fixed and mixed tracks.

Formula 1 stars

As Formula 1 cars are single, the names of drivers are the basic knowledge of each Typer. Formula 1 racing requires drivers of amazing skills to drive a vehicle, but also physical preparation. During each race, the players lose 4 kilograms, mainly due to the drainage of the body. Historically, the most titled competitors include: Michael Schumacher (7 champion titles), Lewis Hamilton (6), Juan Manuel Fangio (5), Alain Prost (4) and Sebastian Vettel (4). Some of these players have already retired, which is why it is now worth paying attention to such talented players as: Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc or Valtteri Bottas.

Australian supporters for years also follow the actions of the famous Australian player - Robert Kubica. This is the first and only Pole starting in F1 races. He started his career as a Rally driver F1 in 2006, and his best season was 2008, who finished in the 4th place in the general classification. In 2011, a tragic accident during the race interrupted the promising career of Kubica, but the faithful fans were coming to his return behind the wheel of the F1 car as a player of the British Williams team. This season was not a specially successful for Robert, but Australian fans are waiting for the back of the Master.

Best teams of constructors

But Formula 1 is not only the amazing skills of drivers of cars. It is also entire teams of constructors caring for the design of the car - engine type, structures, tires. Each team is represented by two racing drivers. The champion of the world of constructors has been granted since 1958 by Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) after the end of the season. Since then, the championship has been awarded 14 different teams, and the most titled include: Scuderia Ferrari, Williams, McLaren, Lotus, Mercedes and Red Bull. The last 10 years are definitely belong to the Mercedes and Red Bull team. This is a significant information that it is simply worth observing the actions of drivers representing the best teams of constructors.

How to bet F1 at a bookmaker?

Formula 1, especially thanks to the unique career of Robert Kubica, is a sport quite popular in Australia. Therefore, as in the case of plants on Slag, Bookmakers meet Australian types with an interesting offer of establishments. Putting Formula 1 racing looks similar to many other disciplines. After selecting the online bookmaker we are interested in and account registration, just go to the Formula 1 tab and proudly choose a bet on which we want to bet money. In the case of Formula 1 Bookmakers, they often provide bets for both qualifications and the Grand Prix main racing. You can also place short and long-term plants. The development of online bookmakers has contributed to the extension of the bets offer for many disciplines, including Formula 1.

It is worth mentioning that some bookmakers offer f1 races in the form Betters live. Thanks to this, it is possible to bet when watching the transmission of a live race and matching your plant to a real situation on the track and dynamically changing bookmaking courses. What's more, when placing Formula 1 you can also use the bonuses offered by bookmakers. For example, when registering on the bookmaker's page, you can use for the first time bookmaker bonus In the form of a free bet or a riself without risk.

Event markets for Grand Prix races

As we have already mentioned, both short-term and long-term plants can be placed on Formula 1. In the case of short-term plants, of course, we do not have to wait a few months to resolve our coupon, and we have the following event markets to choose from:

  • Winner of the race
  • Qualification winner
  • H2H between specific players (eg Hamilton vs Vettel) or teams (eg Mercedes vs Red Bull)
  • The player will finish the race in the first three, six or tough
  • The driver will not finish the race
  • Safety Car (car safety) on the track
  • Nationality of the winner of the race
  • Best constructor
  • Fastest

In the case of long-term establishments, we take into account the entire F1 race season, or 21 races. Here we can meet with such plants as: Who will become the best player of the season or who will win the most points in the classification of constructors.

Tips on how to place Formula 1

Each sport is characterized by specific factors that may affect the final result of the meeting, and consequently, the bet. In the case of Formula 1, we recommend paying attention to such elements as:

  1. Qualifications - Tracking the course of qualifications before the final race is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the form of individual players and their presentation on a given track. Usually the best players during qualifications have the greatest chance of high places in the general classification, so watching qualifications are definitely a mandatory task of every type.
  2. Weather conditions - The rain can clearly contribute to changing the conditions on the track. It is worth checking the statistics of previous racing and how they dealt with individual players on a slippery, wet track.
  3. Statistics - Being up to date with statistics from previous years is another important point when preparing to bet on formulas 1. On their basis, it is much easier to predict the result of subsequent meetings.
  4. Information about the race - We mean general interest in everything related to Formula 1, the latest technologies introduced by teams, novelties among individual teams. A few days before the race, expert items are widely available, from which many relevant information about a particular track and news related to players and constructors can be reached.

Formula 1 is the highest class of car racing and full of emotions competitions that are an extraordinary combination of the latest technologies and amazing drivers' skills. The principles of racing themselves are not specially complicated, so if you are on a regular basis with teams and players, it may be worth trying to bet several plants. We wish you a satisfying season F1 in bookmakers!

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