Ski jumping Bets - How to bet?

The breakthrough and the beginning of the new Millennium was sometimes a huge increase in the popularity of ski jumping among Australian supporters. During the most important competition in almost every house, the TV turned on and the propagated voices of householders supporting Adam Małysz. Since then, thanks to the next generation of excellent ski jumpers as Karol Stoch, Piotr Żyła or Dawid Kubacki, faithful fans of this winter sport are still arriving. And this has a translation into the popularity of ski jumping in bookmakers. Ski Jumping Betting This is a great option for real devotees of this discipline that want to test your knowledge and win a win.

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Characteristics of ski jumping

Ski jumping belong to a group of sports classic skiing. They are played on specially prepared ski jumping ski jumps and this is a quite young sport, because it appeared in the mid-nineteenth century. Norway is the birth of this sport. This discipline is popular not only in Australia, which is why many Bookmakers online Offers ski jumping. The countries in which the crowd of fans follow the actions of ski jumpers, also include Northern European countries like Norway and Finland and Central Europe like Austria, Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic and Slovenia. In addition to Europe, ski jumping are popular mainly in Japan, where many outstanding players come from. Although ski jumping is still mainly sport for men, in the 1990s, the competition also for women started organizing. In 2014, women's ski jumping debuted on the winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

General principles of ski jumping

The basic goal of the ski jumping is to perform the longest jump on the hill after acceleration and reflection at the right moment from the threshold. However, the final score also consists of a style. Generally, the scoring looks like this:

  • Distance points - 60 points for achieving a construction point (120 on the largest jumps called Mammoths), and subsequent points adds or subtracting depending on the place of landing of the player and the size of the hill. The length of the whole stroke is measured from the threshold to the heel of the back shoe Jumper with an accuracy of up to 0.5 m
  • Note for style - 5 judges admits from 0 to 20 points, but the highest and lowest note are not taken into account
  • Bonus for the wind and beam - Positive or negative points depending on the strength and direction of the wind and due to lowering or increasing the start-up beam.

The jumpers are equipped with the right equipment that consists of: skis, bonds, shoes, coveralls, goggles, gloves and helmet. The competition starts with training sessions, after which qualifications are played and then the actual gameplay. The competition itself consists of two series - in the first one jumps 50 players, and in the second 30 best of the first series. This jumper wins which will win the most points for both attempts.

Four jumping tournament and other competitions

As with other sporting disciplines, many professions in ski jumping are organized. Olympic gold is the biggest honor for a ski jump, but except Winter Olympic Games You can distinguish events such as:

  • World Cup - organized every 2 years, in odd years old, individual and team competitions
  • World Championships in ski flights - Also played every 2 years, but in the evening, individual and team competitions
  • World Cup - Annual competition lasting about four months and which consists of about 30 contests
  • Four Hills Tournament - Prestigious competitions within the World Cup have been played since 1953 and consisting of 4 contests
  • Summer Grand Prix - Summer professions during which they are also covered with a special surface, so-called Igelite
  • Continental bowl
  • Summer Continental Cup
  • FIS Cup - so-called The third league of ski jumps intended mainly for young players
  • Universe - Individual professions of men and women and team games

Popularity of ski jumping in Australia

As it turns out, Australian fans not only carefully follow the gameplay in such disciplines as football, volleyball or SlagBut also ski jumping. Popularity of this sport in the country on the Vistula River, we owe one of the most famous Australian ski jumpers - Adam Małysz. He participated in the key competitions in this discipline from 1995 to 2011 and won 43 gold medals during various tournaments. At that time, a ski fever in Australia and this sport gained many fans. Another titled Australian Skoczek is Karol Stoch with three individual golden olympic medals. Although the Poles do not include records in the length of the jump or perfect notes for the style, it can not be concealed that thanks to the outstanding players Australia has to praise.

Searching ski jumps U Bookmaker Online

The successes of Australian ski jumpers translate into the popularity of ski jumping in bookmakers. Many bookmakers offer an extensive offer containing not only betting on the winner of the tournament. Sometimes it is possible to bet, for example, the World Cup Triumphator before the start of the season. Bookmakers are obviously changing depending on the results and scoring of the players. To choose the best bookmaker for us, with the richest offer in the ski jumping category, it is best to compare several platforms. It is also worth remembering that many sports betting offers favorable bookmaker bonuses, thanks to which we can put the first plant for free or we will receive additional funds at the first deposit.

Types of plants

Ski jumping plants are not only typing the winner of one of the professions. To encourage fans of this sport to bet, bookmakers face a more expanded offer of events markets. We can type or individual players or whole teams. Although this is not an offer as rich as in the case of football and it will vary between individual bookmakers, we can bet on the following bets:

  • Winner - Separation of the triumphant of entire professions or competition
  • Podium - betting or a given player will score one of the first three places
  • 1-6 – A plant or a given jumper will arrive in the first six of the best players
  • 1-10 – A bet or a given jumper will arrive in the top ten
  • 1-15 - A bet or a given jumper will arrive in the first fifteen
  • Promotion to the second series of competition - betting or a given player jumps far away in the first series to advance to the other
  • His right - an individual duel between two players about who from a given couple will take a higher place in the competition
  • Skorn record - a bet on whether there will be a beatiful record during the competition
  • The winner of the first series Winner of the competition - Typing or the winner of the first series will win the competition
  • Winner competition winner both series - a bet on whether the winner of the entire competition will be the winner of both series

Tips How to bet on ski jumping

Pointing ski jumping looks similar to any other discipline - to achieve success, the most important knowledge of Typer is. Typing on blindly will not bring effects on a longer meter, and even can bring serious starts. To bet it is worth preparing in depth. What should be worth paying attention when placing ski jumping?

  1. Form of players - In each season, the form of players will change. You can observe both progress and regress. Importantly, the initial defeats do not necessarily mean poor performances in subsequent competitions. It is worth keeping up to date with statistics of previous years, but also worth tracking interviews with players and trainers that can indicate us the strategy for the season.
  2. Weather - Ski jumping takes place outdoors, which is why weather conditions will be of great importance here. It is worth checking the weather forecasts against competitions and be aware that a strong wind can significantly thwart plans to even the best players.
  3. Shank - An important aspect of ski jumping is obviously a ski jump. What is its size (small, big or mummy) and what are the jumper preferences, will affect the result. Some jumpers deal better on larger ski jumpers, and others on small, so you need to have this information on the back of the head.
  4. Season - Mostly does not bet on summer competitions that are considered to be warming up before the winter season and more prestigious competitions.
  5. Equipment - For example, the type of coverall may be of great importance for flight aerodynamics and how far the jumper will jump. It is worth keeping up to date with the latest competition regulations and the ultimate choice for the team or player.

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