Online Scratches - Instant Lottery with Simple Rules

And if they do not have to wait for a draw to find out if our coupon is this happy? Just this concept appeared in the head of the inventors of classic scratches - simple coupons with covered symbols waiting for a player's scratch. This simple entertainment also went to online casinos and now you can virtually virtually "scratch" card and enjoy smaller and larger winnings. Let's look closer to the characteristics Zdrapek online.

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What are the scratch cards?

Classic paper scratches are printed playing cards covered with a special protective layer that the player must scratch. Underneath there are symbols or numbers that depending on the layout and rules in the appropriate combination can bring a win. I think everyone had the opportunity to scratch the coupon using eg coins. Scratches are currently a popular replacement for bouquets of paired bride after the wedding. You can buy them in supermarkets, kiosks, housing stores. In the era of today's advanced technology, amateur scratches will also find scratches in many offer Casino Online. Manufacturers Casino games They saw the popularity of traditional scratchbacks and moved this concept to the world of virtual gambling. Today you can discover symbols on scratches without leaving the store.

When did the first scratcher appear?

The history of traditional scratches reaches the 70s of the last century. The first coupons appeared in 1974 in America thanks to Scientific Games Corporation. The idea of using a special printing technique for covering coupons can be attributed to John Goat and Daniel Bower. They depended on the introduction of an immediate winning concept as a result of a rapid draw. That's what it is to discover symbols on scratch.

In Australia, the first scratch cards appeared at the end of the 1980s and they were susceptible to the vulnerable ground. Such a form of entertainment was much more affordable for masses than the casino that remained elite. Simple to use and cheap scratches were for many hope for fast earnings and change for the better. They were particularly popular in the post-communist period.

Nowadays, two huge companies are mainly responsible for the mass production of scratchbacks in the world: mentioned above Scientific Games Corporation and Pollar Banknote. Printers belonging to these monopolists are mainly in the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Germany. However, a breakthrough event in the history of scratchback was to introduce them to online casinos. The first online scratches appeared in 2005 on the Scratch2cash portal. Since then, the simulation of card scraping on the screen has gained many names, and manufacturers still come up with new positions to diversify the form of this simple entertainment. Scratches are also available in many online casinos.

Advantages of online scratch

Although for many classic scratches will always be a source of fondness, you must admit that online scratches have many advantageous advantages. Like paper equivalents, they are extremely simple in their terms. Each beginner fan of virtual gambling will be able to immediately try your happiness in this game. You do not need to know the intricate rules of the game or counting cards like a bacarata or poker - just scratch the field and discover symbols.

Scratches are also a very fast game. You can play during a break at work or travel by tram. In the online version they are available at any time or on a computer screen, or a mobile device. You do not have to leave the house anymore to buy a coupon, and also to pick up the win. In online casinos, the withdrawals will also take place online. Let's also think about how much less we use choosing the online variant.

Online casinos are overwhelmed in the diversity of available games, not skipping scratch. Another graphic robe, the theme, won height - everything can be adapted to your preferences. Furthermore, players can sometimes count on additional Free BonusesWhich are not available when we simply buy a physical coupon. Users can receive additional means when registration to be used during the game or after a Casino Casino. Thanks to additional measures, you can try happiness without investing big money. The fun is prolonged and the chances of winning are growing. Although often the win will not exceed a few zlotys, there are really a lot of jackpots. The probability of winning in scratches online is also higher than with traditional coupons.

How to play?

The rules of playing on online scratches are very simple. Just select the specified type of scratch card and after the virtual discovery of the card to read symbols. The game regulations will be specified which ones will mean a win and which has been losing. You can scratch or immediately a whole field, or individual cells individually, prolonging a bit surprise. Usually 3 identical symbols will mean a win, but accurate rules may vary depending on the type of game. The most popular coupons with a size of 3 × 3 or 4 × 4 scratches are also, but there are also larger formats with, for example, a few won options. If you want to relax for a moment from playing poker or roulette, scratcher is a great way to fill your free time and a chance for a quick win.

Top Manufacturers Online Scratch

Producers of the best and trustworthy scratches are leading the leading developers also other casino games. Playtech seems to be currently one number one among the online scratchers. Among more than fifty types of scratchft from this manufacturer, you can distinguish known and liked: Rocky Scratch, Roulette Scratch, Gladiator, Thor and a series of scratch-based character-based character from Marvel Comics. Microgaming also added several popular titles, among others: Scratch N Spin, Slam Funk, Pharaoh's Gems and Lucky Numbers. On the other hand, Giant among producers, Netent, introduced a 7 Gold Scratch lottery with a bonus round and a zodiac scratchor with a new, unusual appearance. With the growing popularity of online scratchback, we can definitely expect new, interesting positions.

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