Online poker - Texas Hold'em or maybe choosing?

Poker belongs to a group of classic card games that have been conquered by the world of casinos around the world. Thanks to the technological development, it is also available in the online version, and poker tournaments in online casinos attract crowds. This is a game requiring not only happiness, but skills and sacrifices. The best poker players are constantly trained to better guess possible card layouts and opponents' movements. Let's start with scratch and present the story of poker and basic principles and combinations of cards.

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Poker history

History of games in which the roots of today's poker are arranged, it starts even a thousand years ago. He still remains a mystery if Poker comes from China, from the Hindu game "Ganjifa" or from Staroperska "AS NAS". To Europe, this kind of card game reached about the 16th century. In Spain, she was called "Primero", France functioned as "Poque" and in Germany "Pochen".

With the discovery of Poker America, then in the form of French Poque, he also went to the ocean. The gambling was forbidden in all major cities, but the steamers flying the Mississippi river gambling life. It was there that poker was born, in which all 52 cards in the waist were used (and not before 20), and players received 5 cards. The popularity of poker was huge in the times of the Civil War. In every living room on the Wild West, the principle of this card game was not foreign to permanent.

The English Queen Victoria brought poker in the American form back to Europe in 1871. Another boom of the popularity of the game was for the First World War. When in the 1970s, Benny Binion introduced the first poker tournament, a variety of poker, Texas Hold'em, became the most frequently chosen type of this card. From terrestrial casinos, thanks to the progress of technology, Poker went to online casinos and now the game is available in many variants at any time for players around the world.

Basic poker rules

Poker is mainly played by a full tali card, and therefore 52. In the game, it usually participates from two to ten players whose task is to complete the strongest card layout. When it comes to the card ranking, as can be either the strongest or the weakest of the cards. Ranking Figures from the weakest are: Walet, Lady, King. The rank of other cards increases with the number. Systems are always created only from 5 cards. The goal of the game is to have a stronger layout from other opponents at the end of the round. Another way to win is bluffing, encouraging players to fold, so that without a strong layout, we can win the entire pool. The poker plays rates and players must go through several rounds of bidding before the cards will be exposed and compared to those who stayed in the game.

In any poker game, the player can make one of several decisions regarding his movement:

  • Not - Resignation from further play and losing the chips set out in a given hand
  • Waiting - Passing the movement next to the player while maintaining their cards. In this case, the player does not pierce the rates and does not give up the game.
  • Plait - First betting on a given round
  • Lining - Pierce the rate of another player. The remaining to remain in the game must align their rates to the height of the piercing. They can also fold.
  • Check - Alignment to another player's rate
  • Go - Risky movement in which the player puts all his chips. If you lose the round, it loses the entire Pool.

Card layouts in Poker

The poker game will not understand without knowing all cards without knowing, so below we present them from the strongest to the weakest:

  • Royal Flush – Poker królewski: AS, king, lady, walet and dozens in one color
  • Straight Flush – Poker: Five cards of the same color in turn
  • Four of a kind – Kareta: Four cards with the same rank, for example, four ladies
  • Full house – Ful: three cards with one value and two cards with a different value, eg three kings and two nines
  • Flush – Kolor: Five cards of the same color
  • Straight – Strit: Five cards of different colors set in order
  • Three of a kind – Trójka: Three cards with the same value and two any cards
  • Two Pairs - two pairs: two pairs of cards with the same value, eg two walets and two ladies
  • One Pair - One Para: Two cards with the same rank
  • High Card - High Card: In the event that none of the players have any of the above layout, the highest card is compared

Variety of online poker

Over the years, poker evolved and many varieties of this popular card was created. Among them, we can distinguish Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha High-Low, Poker choice (otherwise pentagon), Thirtebrate poker, Pai Gow, Carribean Stud, 7-card stud and many more. As one of the most popular online varieties is Texas Hold'em let's look closer to this variety of poker.

Poker straight from Texas consists in creating the strongest layout of five cards using two own cards and five shared cards. Cards lined by the dealer are visible to all players. In addition, each player has two cards visible only to him. The initial starting plants start. Blinds. Then, each player receives two cards and reaches the first round of bidding. You can then check, break or fold. Another element is the so-called Flop, or lining the first three common cards by the dealer on the table. The next bid, the fourth card appears, another auction and dealer lines the last common card. After the last round of the auction, the players discover the cards in the game. Comparison of layouts allows you to select the winner.

Poker tournaments

Online poker you can play in many ways. Only Players Online There are many varieties of this game, each of another graphic robe and motif. You can play for free, in demo versions or using special bonuses offered by a casino or putting your own money. Most large casinos offer a poker game also in live form, where cards gives away a real dealer. However, tournaments are an exciting element of the community of online poker devotees. Casino organize, for example, monthly poker tournaments with interesting prizes, so-called Freerolle, or tournaments without pre-fee or so-called Sit'n'go tournaments. Currently, the largest and best poker tournaments offer casino Betsafe. One of the most famous is the annual Battle of Malta. In some online casinos you can meet poker tournaments in Casins live.

Video poker

An interesting online casino proposal is Poker video. This is a game machine resembling a classic one-armed bandit, but based on the principles of chosen poker. Physical machines of this type were transferred to the online world and currently video poker are available in many online casinos. As in the traditional poker, royal poker is the highest layout. The lowest win in turn can be observed at hand tens. The game begins with the arrangement of the rate and five cards are discovered. The player must decide which of them want to leave. With the next draw, the decision is made whether our layout is winning. Fast game and fun. Fun is the basis for video poker. On the casino websites we will find several different varieties with a slightly variable principles, among others : Jacks or Better, ALL American, Joker Wild and Joker Poker.

Poker remains one of the most popular classic games casino. Relatively simple rules and the fact that it requires skills and excellent knowledge of the systems that attracts crowds of ambitious enthusiasts. Getting to know his secrets can be a great entertainment, training for the brain and a way to win won.

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