Payment methods in online casinos

Every day we make many online payments. What we expect from virtual transactions is freedom, speed, but also security. Payments and withdrawals in online casinos are not an exception. After registering the account on the Casino website, the next step is usually a deposit payment. Virtual casinos offer different types of payment methods, so it's worth taking care of them. In the following article, we suggest what are the safest and most popular payment methods in online casinos.

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Debit and credit cards

Transactions made using the card are already everyday. This is a quick and simple method that will make payment without logging in to your bank account. Just enter the card number, name and surname of the owner, the validity date of the card and the CVV / CVC number visible on its back. The most-used types of cards are Visa and Mastercard, which are accepted in millions of sales points in the world. Internet casinos are not an exception. It is worth noting that the card payment is burdened with a slight commission. However, this is still a little complicated and fast payment form.

Bank transfers

If you do not feel comfortable with online card payment or do not have your own card, you can always take advantage of the bank transfer. In this case, you must log in to your bank's website and make a payment by providing casino data and an individual account number to the payment. However, it is worth getting acquainted with the fees and conditions of possible conversion, because different casinos accept different currencies.

Popular forms of payments in Australia are also transfers 24, PayU and Dotpay, which enable a rapid transfer from the bank account. These services are easy to use, secure and definitely accelerate online payment processes. Przelewy24 service allows automatic payments from 327 Australian banks and a number of payment cards. These tools also do not charge any commission.

E-Wallet - electronic wallets

Electronic wallets are easy to use payment systems used for electronic real-time transfers. They can be compared to digital equivalents of ordinary portfolios. Using e-portfolios, we can pay and have the means to connect the payment card and transfer money between e-portfolios or a related bank account. A definite of this type of solutions is the possibility of cheap and immediate cash transfer. In addition, we do not have to log in to the electronic banking system, and with the transactions the only data available to our email address. Each e-wallet is mainly carried out in one currency, but currency payments are converted after preferred courses. Payments to online casinos through electronic wallets are usually not subject to commission. At the disposal of users are also convenient mobile applications, so we can have a preview to our e-portfolio account at any time on your phone.

The most popular electronic portfolios include: Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz and PayPal. Skrill was founded in 2001 and became particularly popular with online casino players. The Skrill account provides both instant deposits and fast payment of money winnings. Property is immediate but covered by a fee of 3.99% from the sum of the transfer. It is possible to order prepaid card from which we can use like a normal payment card. Neteller and EcoPayz act similarly to Skrill, they will differ mainly with the amount of possible additional fees for, for example, cash payment or currency. It is worth carefully read the table of each e-portfolio to choose the optimal for your needs. PayPal is a service that uses millions of users around the world, but it is not always available in online casinos. All the aforementioned electronic wallets are fully legal and safe. The choice depends on your preferences and the availability of a given payment in the casino you are interested in.

Karty prepaid

Prepaid cards are a pre-paid card. You can buy them in the store, kiosk or online and then make a safe and anonymous transfer. In this way, we can pay a casino deposit or to allow an account, but we have to choose a different method to pay the won funds. This is a very beneficial method for people who mainly use cash or do not want to log in to their bank account or set up an e-portfolio.

On the popular and accepted online casinos, the online cards include PaySafecard, Neosurf and Entropay. After purchasing PaySafecard, all you have to do is implement a one-time code on the Casino page visible after scratching on the card. The payment of this type is released from fees, but the casino reserve limits on this form of payment. The Neosurf card is sold in the currency of a given country, which is why we must reckon with a possible 2% conversion fee. Like PaySafecard, Neosurf we buy in a physical form in a store or other point and we realize online by entering a unique security code. Unlike the above, EntroPay is a virtual card. To use it, create an account and recharge them using our regular debit or credit card associated with the bank account. In this case, it is possible to pursue a payment from casino, but we do not pay money at ATM. Transactions are only carried out in Euro, pounds and US dollars.

Kryptowaluta – Bitcoin

Bitcoin is one of the online currencies, otherwise known as cryptassium. It was established in 2009 in response to the world-prevailing financial crisis and a decrease in the value of traditional currencies. Its will last remains a mystery, because it is not known who exactly hides under the pseudonym of the creator, Satoshi Nakamoto. The basic advantage of this currency is that it is independent of global banks and an economic situation. In addition, transfer in Bitcoinach is immediate and released from any fees, which definitely tempts online casino players. This payment method is increasingly available in online casinos. Bitcoin uses Peer-to-peer technology, in which everyone has equal permissions and is based on cryptography and mathematics.

Other payment methods

The above-mentioned payment methods are not all available in online casinos. One of the payment methods is also Trustly, thanks to which payment from your bank account is much faster for your casino account. This is a broker between the bank and the casino that accelerates the transaction. Trustly was created in Sweden and works similarly to the transfers24, but for a larger international scale.

Gaining the popularity of a kind of electronic portfolio is Revolution. It is only available in the form of a mobile application, which distinguishes it from other e-portfolios. After setting up an account and verifying our identity, Revolution allows us to create accounts in many currencies and favorable conversion, free transfers to our bank account and the order of a physical or virtual card. Properting transactions are free if you do not exceed AUD 20,000 per month. In addition, the Revolution account makes it easier to save thanks to friendly safes, allows you to buy insurance and access to a cryptowalut.

The Australian payment system used in most native banks is BLLK. It assumes a payment using a one-time code generated for a few minutes. It shortens this payment process, because we do not have to log in to our bank account. As this is a Australian system, it is not available in foreign casinos. However, we will use it in Australian Totalcasino.

Security of online payment

online casino They offer a really wide selection of online payments. However, it is worth using the proven methods to which we have a full conviction. If we do not know a given payment method, we will necessarily familiarize yourself with details and compare it with others to choose the ideal method for us. Many will depend on our privency preferences, as well as from the casino offer. Not all methods will be possible both when depositing and when paying money from the casino. Some transactions will be subject to an additional fee, especially if it will be necessary to convert. It is worth remembering, however, that the safe and legal casino will offer safe payment methods and transparent payment and payout regulations.

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