Horse racing Betting - How to bet on horseback horses?

Colorful Dam Hats, Elegant Gentlemen Suits, Bust and Excitation - Horse Racing probably all associate with Elite Sport. Nowadays, however, every fan can participate in these events - for example by betting Horse racing in plants Bookmakers online. Horse racing betting This option is available in many bookmakers and means typing the fastest horses in hippodromes. In the following article, we briefly bring the history of this sport, the basic concepts and characteristics of establishments for horse races.

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Horse story

The beginnings of horse racing history date back to ancient times, when the first horse race was organized to delight crowds. The first Derby (3-year-old English horse race) was played in 1780 in England. Two Lords - Lord Derby and Lord Bunbury - they founded the first place at the finish line. This moment is considered the first official monetary establishment about winning horse riding in contemporary history. In honor of the victory, Lord Derby, this important type of horse racing was also called. Great Britain and Ireland will lead to this day when it comes to popularity and prestige of horse racing. In these countries, this is one of the national sports.

This elite sport came to Australia in the 1930s. Initially, unofficial plants on the races were held on the Mokotowskie fields, and with time on the tracks in Służewiec, where the most important races are organized to this day. Horse racing was for many what football matches are today, and their popularity was huge. In the PRL period, the Horse Racing Bets were the only sport, which could be legally placed on money, which contributed to a significant increase in the interest of chambers at this time. Currently, legal horse racing is organized in Australia on several tracks:

  • Służewiec horse racing track in Warsaw
  • Horse racing track Partynice in Wroclaw
  • Hippodrome Sopot
  • Tor Dąbrówka - Buczków in Krakow

What are Horse Racing?

Horse racing is nothing but the rivalry of jockeys (riders) riding horses on a certain distance. Gonitors are organized on special tracks called hippodrome. As it happens in each sport, here you can also distinguish different races depending on: distance length, type of surface, horses or walk. Horses are usually starting a race from boxes, and the one whose head was first exceeding the finish line. Jockey can, of course, fall from a horse, must stay on his back to the end of the race. Horses usually have 2-3 years and only specific races are allowed to the race. The riders are quite low and light to minimize the weight carried by a horse. Additionally, to align the chances of all participants, before the race the jockey are weighed with the saddle and excavated so that all the horses carry the same weight.

Horse racing - important concepts

The world of horse racing may seem a complete novelty for a beginner Typer, which is why it is worth taking place before betting, read the basic concepts and types of racing. Three main types of horse racing are:

  • Flat Racing - A classic race on a flat track without any obstacles
  • Boxed Racing - sprint race on a short distance
  • Jump Racing (Hurdling) - Race with obstacles, mostly on a long distance

In addition, we distinguish type racing HandicapWhere the horses are unlucky before the race depending on the ranking position. The better the listed horse, the more weights receive. Maiden This is a horse racing that do not have any winnings on your account, Distaff This races mares and Stakes This is a prestigious high-quality horse race. You can come across bookmakers offer Sulek racing. Horses in this discipline are equipped with special vehicles, sulki and the only permitted chodel is a trot. A horse gallop causes the player's disqualification.

Horse racing

The ability to listen to the winners of horse riding are not only the Elite domain present in the stands of prestigious races. Currently, everyone can bet, and the easiest solution is online bookmakers. After registering the account on the selected bookmaker's website, we often use a welcome bonus, eg in the form of a free bet or deposit bonus. After powering your account, simply select the "Horse Racing" tab, select the race and the type of bet and bet on our favorite or favorites. Many bookmakers provide the possibility of watching GoniTW Live, as well as useful statistics, results and calendar of upcoming events. Horse racing is characterized by a very variable and wide range of bookmaker courses, but variability in this sport is one of its most exciting features.

Types of plants

Betting They offer specific event markets in every sporting discipline. In the case of horse racings, we can such plants as:

  • Pedestrian - Typing of the race winner
  • Order - betting, which horses will take first and second place without a specific order - useful if we have two race favorites
  • His right - HEAD TO HEAD - Typing, which will be faster
  • Two, threesome and four - betting, which horses will take the first two, three or four places with the indication of a specific order
  • Multi-bonnect - Typing of winners in two to seven rod. We distinguish here the plant: Double, Triple, Kwint, Septyma
  • System bets - Some bookmakers come out with the offer of Box or Wall. System BOX It assumes the possibility of a combination of all possible combinations on a coupon within selected horses. For example, at the Dwójka plant and placing on Horses No. 2 and 5, both a combination 2, 5 and 5, 2 will be taken into account. Wall system In turn, it consists in the possibility of betting all the horses from the race for a specific place. If, for example, we bet three and we have favorites for the first and third place, but not second, we can play a wall. The second place will be any horse from the race and the system will find a win, if your types for the first and third place will agree.

Tips on how to bet horse races

Although the principles of horse racing are very easy, betting itself is a more complicated venture. Typing should be preceded by a solid dose of knowledge. We present a few tips on what to pay attention to reduce the risk of disappointment:

  1. Terminology - First of all, you have to realize that knowledge of basic concepts and sports principles is an extremely important matter. It is not worth betting a discipline that we do not understand.
  2. Jockey and horse - It is worth following information on the form of a given horse, how the trainings took place, which were the results of the last races, whether the mass of the horse has changed and what is the jockey experience. Nowadays, you can even track social profiles of stables, trainers and jockeys.
  3. Tor and weather - Both Toru type (some are slower, some are faster) and the weather may affect the final score of the race.
  4. Own statistics - Keeping their own statistics and observations will make the analysis before the race more accurate. It is worth taking some time to learn and leave it always up to date.
  5. Hold nerves - Horse racing is a dynamic discipline associated with a huge adrenaline. In-depth analysis before the race and keeping a cold head is the basis of success. Consequence and perseverance counts in an effective betting.

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