Corrugate cards - Card counting systems in blackjack

The popularity of counting cards during the game in Blackjack has survived the real boom in the second half of the twentieth century, when the first publications explaining this strategy appeared. It turned out that thanks to patience, good memory and training, the advantage of the casino over the player can significantly reduce. Counting It became a true shirt of the ground casinos. To this day it is not welcome at the table, but in the online casinos, the card counting systems in blackjack are doing well. In the article below, we will try to respond to questions, what is the counting of the cards, whether you can learn it and what benefits are.

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How did the card counting systems have been created?

In the second half of the twentieth century, the game blackjack They began to be interested in mathematicians and started card counting systems to increase the chances of the player to win. Among the famous publications can be distinguished by the "optimal blackjack strategy" written by Roger Baldwin and "Beat the Dealer: Strategy for the Game of Twenty-One" by Edward O. Thorp. Mr. Thorp has discovered that along with another hand-drawn cards in blackjack, the casino advantage increases or decreases as a player can use in his advantage. Rozran Krupiera became a dream of many devotees of the above guides. To this day, Blackjack remains a game that does not only rely on happiness and randomness. Film and patient players respectively leading the card counting strategy, they are able to estimate the likelihood of subsequent events much better. Since Thorpa, a dozen or so methods of counting cards with a larger or lesser extent have been improved.

What is the counting of the card?

The main purpose of counting the card is to predict whether the next hand will be beneficial for the player. This strategy is used primarily in the BlackJack card game. A player using a card counting system knows what cards have already been played and can adjust to betting to those who stayed for the hand. This allows you to reduce the advantage of the casino, reduce losses and potentially increase the win, although of course does not eliminate the dealer of the dealer completely.

Until now, about a dozen or so card counting systems have been developed. Names that can scroll in guides are: Hi / Lo, Hi-Opt 2, Knock Out System, Red 7 and Omega 2. They are based on the principle that high value cards are favored by the player, and these Low conducive to the dealer. This does not mean that the player must literally remember the value of each card. Points are attributed to individual cards and then counts their sum. Thanks to this, the player can better assess the advantage over the casino. Low cards (like three or four) have positive points assigned, because they increase the chance to occur high cards in the next hand. High cards have negative points because they work vice versa. Central in turn usually have a zero value. Accurate counting methods and the degree of complexity, however, differs between individual methods.

Metoda Hi/Lo

The most popular and simplest method of counting cards is the Hi / Lo method (which means High / Low - high / low). This system is based on a somewhat-mining approach. As in any variant of card counting, it is important to quickly add and subtract in your head and know the point values assigned to a given card. This method assumes assigned to specific values to individual cards:

  • 2 do 6: +1 point
  • 7 do 9: 0 points
  • 10 and Walet, Lady, King and AS: -1 point

During the gameplay, you are constantly counting the given cards and when about 75% of the cards are distributed, you have a greater idea what will happen next. If the counting result is strongly positive, more high cards remained in the game, so you can afford a higher rate. If, in turn, the result is negative or low, stay with a minimum possible rate.

In case you are used for a few card deck, it is necessary to correct the result. The resulting result of our calculation should be divided by the number of cards used for the game. For example, if the result is +4, and 4 talie cards take part in the game, the actual result is +1.

Is the card counting legal?

There are no legal provisions that would limit the possibility of counting cards. No ban on this type can be in the casino regulations and in the ground casinos it is strictly controlled. Methods of tracking players are used to comply with this type of practice. Even if the cases depends on profits, so techniques reducing the casino advantage are not welcome. Players using card counting often change tables, pretend to be accidental tourists and visit various casinos. Caught on the hot deed can be exhausted without the possibility of paying the winnings.

In online casinos, in turn, it is practically impossible to detect the use of various methods of counting cards by users. There is no cameras that would observe records in our notebook or spreadsheet. However, it is forbidden to use automatic counting systems that also automatically bet on rates. This type of "assistants" can be easily detected by Casino IT security. Nobody, however, will not forbid to count the cards in the head or save the result in a separate document or notebook.

Not only for professionals

Contrary to the universal Mitut, counting cards is not reserved only for mathematical geniuses. In fact, everyone is able to practice this skill. The practice is the most important. Games in casinos online usually run very quickly, so it is worth taking some time to practice "dry" card counting, using the ordinary deck of cards without jokers. It's excellent entertainment for the evening with a friend. Over time, we will give each other with individual cards and the counting will turn out to be much simpler and faster. It is worth measuring your progress even with a stopwatch. Descent less than 30 seconds on a card's waist, a very good result to which you can strive. The faster pace of counting, the more time we will remain on the analysis of the game and deciding on the plant.

If you want to test your new online casino skill, check if the blackjack demo version is available. Before you invest your own funds, use attractive bonuses (eg a welcome bonus) to play blackjack, counting cards, but do not risk your money. In this way, you can check your progress in counting cards in online casino without additional stressor. It is also worth starting your adventure with counting cards from simpler methods such as Hi / Lo, and only after mastering such, try more precise and complicated variants.

Corrugation of a winning card?

Casino games they are designed in such a way that Casino He always had a certain advantage. Even the best used, the most perfect mathematical methods of counting cards do not provide won warranty. Unfortunately, no way will guarantee that you will go away from a virtual table each time. Nevertheless, it is assumed that a well-cut card counting and a suitable money management strategy can reduce the casino advantage even below one percent. This is a tempting option, for example, for gaming machines, this advantage is approx. 3-4%. There is no one universal ideal solution for everyone. However, the practice of skills in counting cards can bring better results than to ignore this type of strategy.

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