League of Legends Esport - How to bet LOL matches?

ESPORT develops in a very dynamic pace. One of the examples of the game, which quickly gained the recognition of fans and pro gamers, is League of Legends. This is a team strategy game whose games take place on a special map. Players play fantastic characters and their main goal is to destroy the opponent's base. The form of the game attracts crowds of devotees, which is why she also gained popularity in bookmakers. Esport League of Legends can be found in practically every serious online bookmaker. However, Betting on LOL require preparations, which is why we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our guide.

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What is League of Legends?

The League of Legends game, whose name is popularly shortened to LOL, was released in 2009. The success of this production of Riot Games studies testifies to the fact that in July 2013 (4 years after the premiere) League of Legends has been recognized in the United States for a full-fledged eSport discipline. In 2019, the prize pool during the season championships amounted to a gigantic sum of over 2 million US dollars. Already, this information is clearly identifiable that ESPORT is a huge business and translate its popularity also among permanent regulars Bookmakers.

League of Legends is a team strategic game of the genus Mob. Developing this shortcut is Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. This means that the game is embedded on the map on which the competitors with additional concrete objectives are imposed. The main task is to destroy the opponent's base. Each player plays a fantastic figure with a unique skill set. Experience collected during the match allows heroes to achieve further levels - from 1 to 18. Currently, players can choose among over 140 characters. The team must develop a strategy that thanks to the combination of the features of all heroes will allow to break into the opponent's base.

In professional games, the map on which players are fighting for victory, is called Summoner's Rift. It is adapted to play between two five-person teams. On the map there are three main avenues: Upper, Central and Lower. There is a jungle between them, and the team's databases are on opposite corners. On each line, every team has three towers that deal against the opponent. With the database there are more two towers and inhibitors from which the past will be escaped at regular intervals. Last these creatures aimed at defending the alley against enemies and help heroes to gain further fortifications.

What is the LOL match?

As we mentioned, the most important goal of the LOL match is to destroy the opponent's base and prevent your own destruction. Most skirmishes takes place on individual alleys. To reach a hostile base, you have to break through one of them and annihilate the defensive towers. In the upper alley, defensive figures are concentrated, in the middle heroes dealing large injuries, and in the lower two heroes - shooter and support. The jungle enters the jungle. Features of individual heroes determine the role in the game. The heroes fell into the fight against a given time in the team's database. In addition to destroying the opponents tower and continuous clashes with subsequent army of enemy minions, the heroes can collect additional bonuses for killing neutral creatures hiding in the jungle. Among them, we find 5 types of dragons and Baron Nashor. As you can see, League of Legends is not only a simple map and skirmishes between individual characters, but plays a bit more dynamic and extensive.

Most popular tournaments and games

Esporting entertainment in the form of games such as League of Legends reached all continents. As for LOL, there are 12 professional world leagues:

  • Latin America League
  • League Championship Series
  • League of Legends
  • The Tencent LoL Pro League
  • League of Legends Japan League
  • League Champions Korea
  • Oceanic Pro League
  • Pacific Championship Series
  • Turkish Champions League
  • Vietnam Championship Series
  • LoL Continental League

In turn, the most important tournaments can be included: World Championship, Mid-Season Invitational, Rift Rivals and All-Star. Among the most populated teams, whose names will certainly scroll on the pages of bookmakers, you can distinguish:

  • G2 Sports

Poles on the international arena LOL

Currently, Marcin Jankowski is currently the best player from Australia, who in the world of LOL is known as Jankos. He specializes in the role of a jungler. He signed a contract with the G2 Esports team and with this team already won even the spring and summer European championship in 2019. Another famous Australian player is Oskar Breederek, or Selfmade. Recently, he represents the colors of one of the better European teams - Fnatic. Like Jankos, he plays as a jungler. Among other Australian players worth knowing are: Kikis, Vander, Jactroll, Inspired and Creaton.

How to bet League of Legends matches?

Sport It's not a carefree afternoon fun at the computer. Currently, this is a huge business, spectacular tournaments attracting hundreds of fans and millions of online viewers and talented and determined players. In connection with the popularity of the Esports, it is not difficult to find a bookmaker bet offering bets on various popular games, including League of Legends. Just find the ESPORT tab and choose LOL. Departing on the gameplay during large tournaments, it is also possible in the form of exciting live plants. The most popular platform streaming LOL matches live is Twitch.

As with any other sport, it is worth to prepare to bet on lol. A few details we recommend to pay attention to this:

  • Form of players - Poor form of one competitors can contribute to the loss of the whole team. Although lol is a team game, most duels play back alone. Therefore, it is useful to check statistics of individual players and a comparison playing on the same positions.
  • Game page - According to statistics, the red party is more difficult.
  • Number of winnings - allows us to estimate the stability of the game of a given team.
  • Average difference in the amount of gold - Indicator of the average difference in gold in the 25th minute of the match is helpful. Thanks to the gold team it is better equipped and it can have stronger heroes.
  • Average difference in the number of towers - To check the efficiency of a given team, it is good to analyze the average difference in the number of damaged opponent towers in the 20th minute.
  • First blood - The first elimination of the opponent increases team morale and can affect the final result.
  • Average number of dragons defeated - Killing the dragon is associated with additional bonuses that can also affect the result of the meeting. It is worth comparing the average number of dragons scored in the 20th minute of previous meetings of a given team.

Event markets on Esport LOL

The large viewing of the League of Legends games translates into the popularity of this discipline in bookmakers. Therefore, the bookmakers meet the expectations of Tysters and in addition to the standard plant, which will win the whole meeting, are also available:

  • Number of maps - more or less?
  • Winner of a specific map
  • Exact score in maps
  • Win with handicap
  • First blood
  • First tower
  • A team with a greater number of homicides

As League of Legends is a quite folded game, with several players about different roles, the possibilities of plants are really a lot. A lot depends on the fantasy of the bookmaker, which is why you should compare the platforms between yourself to find bets that interest us.

Betting bonuses when placing LOL matches

ESPORT is one of many categories available on the bookmaker websites. Therefore, it is possible to take advantage of bookmaker bonus When placing on e-mailing events such as lol tournaments. New players can realize a welcome bonus in the form of a free plant, a bet without risk or simply an attractive deposit bonus. Regular players can expect bonuses for a friend's order or birthday party. Some bookmakers organize special promotions accompanying the most important eSport tournaments. If this is a field that is particularly interested in you, it is worth looking for a bookmaker with a wide range of bets on Esports and bonuses for fans.

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