Infinite Blackjack - Infinite places at Blackjack table

The live casino quickly gained popularity and grew a heart of many players. An unquestionable number 1 among Live Casino software producers is Evolution. And this just evolution has created a unique blackjack table - Infinite Blackjack. This game is based on a classic blackjack principles, but what distinguishes it against the background of others is unlimited places at the table, low betting rates and interesting additional plants. All these features make the Infinite Blackjack one of the most popular Blackjack variants in online casinos online.

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How to play in Infinite Blackjack in a live casino?

Attaching to a table in the live casino game Infinite Blackjack has never been easier. With the assumption, this type of blackjack from Evolution Gaming has a unlimited number of places at the table. So you do not have to wait until the place is released and it will be possible to join the game. To play Infinite Blackjack, simply register an account on one of one of Casino Online Offering a good live casino (such as Energy Casino or Betsafe) and pay the first deposit. After searching for the game on the page, all you have to do is join the game. In casinos live, there is no demo version or for free, so before joining the game we recommend to read the payout table and the principles of the game.

Evolution Gaming, manufacturer of Infinite Blackjack game, took a unique atmosphere at the game table. The dealer is in an elegant, cozy studio, and in the background there is a logo of playing with an infinity sign. The game takes place on a standard blackjack table. The dealer uses real cards, but the user's hand is visible to it virtually. The transmission takes place in HD quality, so you can really feel like in a casino.

Basic principles of Infinite Blackjack

The key principles of Infinite Blackjack are based on the principles of a classic card game blackjack. The goal of the player is to obtain scoring as soon as 21 or exactly 21. The player wants to overcome the dealer by obtaining a blackjack system (21 points) immediately after handing out 2 cards, obtaining a larger number of points from the dealer (but less than 21) or by losing the dealer. The game starts with 2 cards for the player and the dealer, while the player sees only 1 of the dealer card. The next step is the player's decision - Hit, Stand, Double Down or Split.

Additional plants in Infinite Blackjack

Before handling cards, players bet on betting. In addition to determining the basic bet, the player has four additional plants to choose from in Infinite Blackjack:

  • Any Pair - Any couple, or winning when two cards on hands are equal
  • 21 + 3 - differently payable combinations giving a total of 21 points similar to systems in poker, based on two player cards and one dealer card
  • Hot 3 - similarly different combinations giving a total of 19, 20 or 21 points, and three seven-seven are best paid
  • Bust it - Department paid when the dealer exceeds 21 points, and the payment depends on the number of dealer cards

In Infinite Blackjack there is also an additional principle called Six Card Charlie. It means that if you have already received 6 cards, and the total number of points have not exceeded 21, you will receive a 1: 1 payment.

Play Infinite Blackjack with a live casino bonus

The best online casinos offer a number of bonuses. In Infinite Blackjack and other live casino games from Evolution Gaming You can play a live casino bonus. This is a special kind of casino bonus that can only be used in a live casino. The ordinary casino bonus will not be in force in a live casino. A live casino bonuses are usually associated with higher trading conditions, but the live casino winnings are also medium larger than during the game, for example, in ordinary bandit files. Evolution has other blackjack tables in its offer as for example: Power Blackjack, FreeBet Blackjack or Speed Blackjack. Everyone will surely find something for themselves to use the casino bonus.

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