Tennis Eggs - How to bet Tennis matches?

Tennis gameplay have been attracting millions of viewers for years. Called "white sport", tennis wibi prestige, amazing skills and perseverance of competitors and a class of class and great money. This is a great sport for betting. The scoring system and the form of the game make Bookmakers online provide a wide range of interesting events on many stages of the meeting. From small tournaments after the prestigious Great Slam Tennis Attracts more and more fans of online betting. So we invite you to familiarize yourself with our guide on how to bet Tennis matches.

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Natural tennis - History and characteristics

Games reminiscent of today's tennis were known in ancient times. However, the contemporary version of this sport was established in the 19th century in Great Britain. The earth tennis is currently Olympic sports and its popularity is visible all over the world. Managing institution of men's games is ATP - Association of Tennis Professionals. On the other hand, the women's matches, the beginning of the 1920s, watches WTA - Women's Tennis Association. In the tennis, a single game can be distinguished between two players of the same gender, doubles between two two double teams of the same sex and a mixture, where a woman and a man in each team are.

The tennis match consists of sets. Most matches are played for two won sets (with the exception of the most important men's tournaments, where the winner must have three won the sets on their account). Sets consist of gems, including points. Tennis scoring looks as follows: 0, 15, 30 and 40. Individual Gemy are played with an alternating player service. The set wins the competitor with at least two geemas advantage. Of course, tennis and balls are needed to play tennis, and players perform a series of trained strokes - forehand, backhand, spoil, lob and others depending on the situation.

The most important tennis tournaments

The most important tennis tournaments include four prestigious Grand Slam tournaments. With these names, we will definitely meet on pages from bookmakers:

  • Australian Open
  • French Open – Roland Garros
  • Wimbledon
  • US Open

Among the men's tournaments, ATP Tour Masters 1000 (Nine Tournament cycle), ATP Tour 500, ATP Tour 250, ATP Challenger Tour and Futures rank tournaments. In the case of women's tennis, we distinguish: WTA Tour Premier Series, WTA International Series and ITF Women's Circuit. Getting victories during these events, competitors are slowly climbing on the ranking ladder and over time advanced to qualifying for large international tournaments. Famous and prestigious international games are also:

  • Davis bowl
  • Team World Cup
  • Fed Cup
  • Hopman's bowl

Great tennis players and Australian hopes

Professional tennis players and tennis players not only gain great money, but also fame and recognition. Based on winning in various tournaments, the ranking of the best ATP and WTA players is run. Among the legendary men's names, you can definitely distinguish: Swiss Roger Federera, Serb Novak Djokovica and the Spaniard Rafael. Gentlemen, you have been reigning for many years in the ranking forefront and still surprise the amazing level of the game. The female tennis legend is certainly the American Serena Williams. At the time of writing this article, the first three of the best tennis players are: Ashleigh Barty from Australia, Simon Halep from Romania and Naomi Osaka from Japan. It is worth checking tennis rankings, because there are still surprising winnings and places change dynamically.

One of the surprising and at the same time very happy for Australian winnings was the victory of Igi Świótk during the Grand Slam Tournament French Open on the courts of Rolland Garros in October 2022. Thanks to this, the young Pole jumped on the 17th place in the WTA ranking! Tennis in Australia gains more and more popularity among fans and athletes themselves. Agnieszka Radwańska reigned on TV screens a few years ago, but now it is now worth watching such players as: Hubert Hurlanet, Magda Linette, a great Australian Debellist Łukasz Kubot or mentioned earlier present star and hope of Australian tennis - Iga Świątek.

How to bet Tennis matches with a bookmaker?

If we seriously want to go to bet on tennis matches, please read the offer of individual bookmakers carefully and not limit yourself to one. After registering the account and paying the deposit, you can take part. All you need to do is find the 'Tennis' tab and put the first plant. In the case of tennis, many online bookmakers also provides live bets. So you can bet on watching live games and find interesting events with high courses. Tennis betting is so satisfying that there are no possibility here that the meeting ends with a draw. The players will be so long on the court until one of them will win the regular advantage in the sets. If placing the first plant for your own money, you are a bit scared, it's worth trying bookmaker bonuses In the form of a free plant or bet without risk.

Event markets for tennis

Due to the bright and transparent scoring rules in tennis, bookmakers offer a number of interesting event markets for this sport. We have such types to choose from:

  • Winner of the match - The most classic dueplacing plant
  • Winner of a given set or gema - a popular bet at Live plants
  • Number of sets above / below
  • Number of gems above / below
  • Handicapy Set
  • Game handicaps
  • Exact score in sets
  • First Service AS or Double Error
  • Double service errors above / below

In the case of tennis, we are dealing with many statistics - service, errors, service aces, tie-break, scoring. Therefore, the available event markets will depend on the fantasy of a given bookmaker. The possibilities offered by earth tennis is really much and therefore betting this sport is so interesting and popular.

Tennis bets - tips

As every sport, tennis, it is characterized by some nuances, which is worth having a head at the back while betting. We do not recommend betting without preparation, and in the case of tennis, it is worth paying attention to such details as:

  1. Player's characteristics - Each tennis player has his strength and weaknesses and every tipper should know them. Before placing a bet on a given player, you have to get to know such features as: Physical conditions, psychological conditions and preservation under pressure and under the influence of stress, the style of the game and its diversity, the history of the injury and the impact of the coach.
  2. Type of surfaces - Tennis tournaments take place on various pavements - cegilla, grassy, hard. Players have their preferences, and this knowledge can be useful when comparing the chances of two rivals.
  3. Calendar of meetings - Here, it is worth taking into account the story of recent matches of the player, its preferences regarding individual tournaments, motivation and fatigue. In addition, it is a great facilitation to run your own journal of meetings and plants to not get lost in your own statistics.
  4. Direct duels of players - Tennisists are constantly competing with each other during subsequent tournaments. Before placing the plant, it is useful to analyze the history of individual competitors in direct duels during previous meetings.
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