Handball Betting - Pointing matches on the Internet

Instant actions, spectacular goals and amazing reflexes defending goals with all his body - a handball match can bring a lot of emotions. This team game is accompanied by mankind for many centuries, but only about one hundred years ago, its principles were officially written. Special popularity enjoys the old continent, where separate leagues and official relationships were created in many countries. Meetings of the best teams during the World Championships or the Olympic Games attract crowds of fans. That is why this discipline is available in many online bookmakers. Handball Betting - How to put forward matches, event markets for this sport - we explain everything in the article below.

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History and principles of handball

Certificates of the existence of a game very similar to today's handball date back to ancient times. In Greece, they played a game called Urania, in Rome in Herpastum, and the medieval Germans had their FangballSpiel. The handball in contemporary form was created in the nineteenth century in Northern Europe. All handball rules were written down by the Holger Danes Nielsen and were officially published in 1906. For the birth of a handball, however, 1919 is adopted when Max Heiser published another collection of the principles of this game. In this period, the handball appeared in Australia and disseminated under the name Szczypiorniak - in connection with Australian legionnaires stationed in Szczypiornie who were amateurs of this new discipline. In 1928, a handball relationship in Australia was created, in 1946, International Handball Federation.

The rules of handball are quite simple. Two 7-person teams fight on the pitch to get as many goals as possible. It is allowed to throw, blade, pushing, catching, hitting and stopping the ball. A player with a ball in his hand can not do more than 3 steps and must kick her at least every 3 seconds. The most spectacular in handball are the goals themselves. The attacker can not exceed the goal line, which is 6 meters from the opponent's goal. This is forcing players to perform spectacular jumps and throws.

Australian handball and the best world teams

The Australian Men's Handball Representation Special successes on the international arena scored in the period 2004 - 2012, when the trainer was Bogdan Wenta. Poles then won the silver and bronze medal at the World Championships. From these times, we can remember such players as: Sławomir Szmal, Karol Bielecki or Marcin Lijewski. The current representation is carried out by Patryk Rombel. The Australian Women's Representation so far did not enroll with great victories on history cards, but it works so much under the eye of Arne Senstada. As for the teams from other countries, the most titled representation includes Spanish, Egyptian and German. Recently, France's representation is becoming stronger. On the other hand, the best clubs can include GS Pétroliers from Algeria, FC Barcelona from Spain and Zamalka SC from Egypt.


The most important handball tournaments

Handball games take place both between clubs and national teams. The most important ones can include:

  • PGNiG Superliga Men
  • PGNiG Superliga women
  • Australian handball championship
  • Australian handball
  • EHF Champions League - Club European Championship
  • IHF World Men's Handball Championship - Men's Handball World Championship
  • Olympic Games

In addition, in individual countries, as in Australia, league gameplay are organized. Here, among those enjoying great popularity, you can distinguish: ASobal League (Spanish League), Handball Bundesliga (German League) and Ligue National De Handball (French League). Handball is also very popular in the Scandinavian countries.

Bathing of handball games online

To start an adventure with betting on any sport online, you should first of all find a bookmaker online with a wide range of betting offer for the sport interesting. You can focus on one page, but we usually recommend registration of an account on various platforms to win bookmaker bonuses to start and test the page under the functionality account. Competition among bookmakers is quite large, so for sure every beginner and advanced tiper will find something for themselves.

After registering the account and payment of a deposit enabling the game, just go to the tab with a handball (or other discipline such as volleyball or Basketball) And put the first bet. Both event markets and betting courses will vary between individual online bookmakers. Everyday life is also the possibility of betting bets using mobile devices as a smartphone or tablet. Many bookmakers also offer exciting Live bets. Thanks to this option, you can bet interesting real-time event markets for a given sporting event. You can even typing from the tribune on a sports hall!

Most popular handball markets

Handball in bookmakers will be available in the form of specific event markets. The most popular in the case of this sport can include:

  • 1X2 - A standard three-page plant. Pointing the victory of one of the teams or a tie in regular time
  • The winner of the meeting - Simple to bet on the winning team in a given match
  • Handicap - Here, options are often available on the result of the entire match and for individual fishing
  • Equivalent or odd result
  • Point domination in the first or second half of the match
  • Number of goals - Here both you can bet on the sum of hosts and guests, but also individual competitors
  • Victory in the group - a plant especially popular during the world championships, when individual representations compete for the exit from the group

In fact how many bookmakers, so many different events markets, although it should be remembered that handball is a fairly niche discipline and the offer will definitely not be so rich as for example in the case of football. It is worth comparing the Bookmaker's offers and search for these pearls that can bring us profit.

A few tips on how to effectively bet on handball

Supporting and betting a handball in Bookmakers Particularly popular in Europe, from where the dominant teams come from. In order to effectively cover plants in individual national leagues or during international games, it is worth taking into account such aspects as:

  1. Team form - It is worth following the news about a given team, possible injuries and a general level of the team game in the season.
  2. Composition on the pitch - If you do not look at the handball is a team game, so you have to keep in mind not only the presence of stars, but also players of their support.
  3. Faule on the pitch - Sometimes this can be a key thing that determines the final result. When betting live, you always have to take into account if any of the teams play with one or more players.

As always, we recommend to learn about the principles and nuances of the game before putting the plant completely in the dark. Handball is a dynamic game, the situation on the pitch can change in every moment and first of all understand its principles. In addition, it is worth reading a lot about players, to compare statistics and, above all, do not give your emotions when placing. We wish you successful types!

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