ESPORT Bets - Esport in bookmakers

From year to year, the Esports are attracting more and more fans. Although here the competition does not involve hectoliters of swollen sweat and hundreds of kilometers on a kilometer, unprecedented players are characterized by a great reflex, perceptiveness and speed, developed during hundreds of hours spent in front of the computer. Electronic sport is a combination of XXI Technology with skills and talent of gamers. International tournaments for games like Dota 2, League of Legends and Counter-Strike are watching millions of viewers around the world. Nobody should therefore surprise the fact that ESPORT Betting They also appeared in bookmakers.

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What is Esport?

Esport or otherwise electronic sport or cybersport is a discipline developing in an amazing pace. Esports rely on a competitive network game on network computer games. Instead of a playground or a sports arena, everything takes place on computers screens. Pro Gamerzy, because this is called professional eSport players, devote many hours to improve their skills. Here's reflexes, strategy and perceptiveness, but also congenital talent and happiness. ESPORT is not only a fun, but a huge spectacle that brings a lot of emotions both participants and the audience. It is also a dynamically developing business. No wonder so that the Esport Events plants are becoming more and more popular.

How do ESPORT bets work?

At present, the tab with the Esports can be found on the website practically every self-respecting bookmaker. As in sports, traditional eSport games will vary depending on the characteristics of the game. Other rules, skills required from players and factors that may affect the resultby also make the event markets available to the bookmaker.

General Betting categories are pre-time, long-term and live plants. Prepare Esports are plants for specific matches, long-term include, for example, to bet on the winning team of the entire tournament, and Live bets This type depending on whatever live is on the screen during a given match. Among the available event markets, such as: meeting result, handicaps, number of maps (also above / below), number of rounds, first blood, first tower and many others, but as we mentioned above - everything depends on the characteristics of a given game.

Esporting events

As with great events in traditional sports, e-mail events attract crowds of fans. Arena, where tournaments take place, are usually filled to the brim, and millions of viewers observe the game through online transmission. If someone still seems that Esport is a niche matter, for example, the final of the Championship in Legue of Legends in 2019 was watching over 100 million viewers around the world.

Among the largest e-passenger events, it is worth distinguishing League of Legends Championship and CS: GO Champions Stage Majors. The World Dota 2 championships are called The International and are known for the largest cash prizes in the world. In 2019, in Shanghai, the winning team gained 34,330.068 dollars, or over 130 million zlotys.

Most popular game species

New computer games are still arriving and the level of their popularity is constantly changing. Currently, the most popular species include: Mob, FPS and Battle Royale, and a number of games can be distinguished in these categories. Let's look at what they are characterized by and differ these types of games:

  • Moba:
    This shortcut is Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. These are strategic multiplayer games (for many players) embedded on the map where the teams are grazing. In addition to the mission of killing the opponent, they must also complete specific goals.
  • FPS:
    The development of this shortcut is First-Person Shooter. These are games from the Shooting category, where the action takes place from the first person perspective. The player observes everything with the eyes of the hero, and the main element is the fight with usually different types of firearms.
  • Battle Royale
    These are multi-person gameplay on a gradually shrinking map, where the last live player or team team wins. The armament and other items to help are scattered in the survival.

Other eSport games U Bookmaker

The categories of games that can be bet on the bookmaker are not limited to only the three above. Fans of sports games, ie based on real sports such as FIFA and NBA2K also find something for themselves. Betting on strategic real-time games (RTS - Real-Time Strategy), like StarCraft and Warcraft 3, are also available in bookmakers. In addition, you can come across racing games and combat games. Thanks to the diversity of games, their rules and bookmakers are able to offer many different markets and this makes the Esport to bet this great entertainment.

Popular games for betting

Within the above species of games, some items significantly overlook the lead when it comes to their popularity. For each game, gameplay are organized - from local and national leagues to huge international tournaments called "majorami", which are sponsored by the game publisher. Probably even laikies have been involved about the ears of the titles of the most popular eSport Games as:

  • League of Legends
  • CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)
  • Dota 2
  • Fortnite
  • Overwatch
  • Starcraft 2
  • Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds
  • Hearthstone

Offers of bookmakers are constantly increased in response to the interest of the world of ESPort a given computer game. Important tip: Do not bet on the game you do not know. Select this item whose rules you know perfectly. If you are a fan of a given game for years and you play with it regularly, you have a much greater chance for a happy coupon than if you bet on the game you hear for the first time.

New games - Future of ESPort?

ESPORT is a dynamically developing and changing area. The new titles are firmly awakened by players and can be in the forefront of eSport positions in the express pace. Numbers say for themselves! Valorant, the FPS shooter, had its premiere in June 2022 and it seems that it can be a serious competitor for CS: Go. Within a few weeks, the average viewers of the streamer games rarely fell below 50,000 spectators. The potential is great, because we only talk here about the streamer game, not the actual competitions. Apex Legends, Battle Royale game with unique heroes, a millions of players stole the hearts of millions of players in the rapid pace. Eight hours after it was recorded, 1 million players were already registered and over 50 million after a month. The third promising title is overwatch 2. At the time of writing this article, no premiere dates have yet been established, but concluding the popularity of the one, we anticipate that Overwatch 2 will be a strong position among eSport games.

Esport Streaming, or where to watch the game

Employment of electronic sports would not make much sense if Typers would not have access to the transmission of games. Fortunately, tournaments, gameplay and matches can be watched for free on the web. At the disposal of viewers there are such streaming pages as Twitch.TV and YouTube Gaming. Vods (Video on Demand) are also available on YouTube, or so-called video on request and assemblies of the best moments in eSporting competition. Thanks to this, it is possible to watch the material in the chosen time, later than the actual emission time. Analyzing the previous team games can help us estimate her chances in subsequent meetings.

Esport bonus

If the bookmaker offers escorts on its website, funds received, for example, as a result of using a welcome package, you can use the Esport as much as possible. The most common bookmaker bonuses are welcome bonuses And Freebets, or free plants. The welcome bonus usually assumes obtaining% of bonus funds from the first deposit. It happens that bookmakers, Wanting to attract to Esport, they offer special bets promotions in this category, for example, without risk, that is, a refund after the first incredible coupon. As always, we recommend carefully to familiarize yourself with the terms of using bonus funds.

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