One-armed bandit, or games for games

A few dozen years ago known as the machine with a lever and called one-armed banditAnd today a completely new entertainment type. Machines for games, because they are talking about them, stormed to the world of gambling online. Currently, these are one of the most popular casinos games, available on the computer screen, phone and tablet. Sholling virtual drums can be used for free, using the so-called Free spins or putting your money paid. The winnings in progressive machines are loud, because they can be really substantial. So let's look closer, what's so much noise!

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What are games machines?

Physical machines Casino games They were created at the end of the 19th century in the United States. They had five rows and three drums and due to the lever putting the roller in motion, they were commonly called a one-armed bandit. First machines, so-called Liberty Bell, used 5 characteristic symbols:

  • Pocket
  • Diament
  • PIKA (color in the cards)
  • Heart (color in the cards)
  • Cracked bell of freedom (from the name Liberty Bell).

As the gambling in this form was illegal, a popular and fruit symbols ("fruity") have become illegal, which did not pay coins, and for example candy or chewing gum. In the 1960s, mechanical machines have been replaced with electromechanical, and a decade later in California the first video machine with a TV display created. Less more in parallel with the invention of electromechanical slot machines became a legal form of gambling.

Over the years, thanks to growing advancement of technology, games vending machines changed their face. First of all, they conquered the world of the Internet and appeared in online casinos around the world. Currently, slots are not only a classic one-armed bandit, but interesting graphics, animations, soundtrack and different themes. We still can find traditional "fruiting", but we also choose from film machines, with an Asian or Egyptian motif. Familes of "Rocky" and "Family Man" or "Tomb Raider" game will find vending machines dedicated to this famous productions. If you prefer the mystical world of ancient Asian or Egypt you will also find many positions of this type. A game on modern machines is full of new symbols, surprises and turns of action that add spices with this simple machines in your idea.

Basic types of gaming machines

Among hundreds of available online slot machines, we can distinguish not only their different themes, but also types - Classic, video and progressive. Classic game machines are the least complicated, which is why they will be a good proposal for people starting their adventure with slots. This type of machines are for example: Sevens and Bars, Fruit Zen and Break da Bank. Video machines have a more extensive formula, more betting options, advanced graphic and soundtrack frequency referring to the theme. The famous and liked slot machines in this category include: Starburst, Book of Dead, Jungle Jim and Mustang Gold. The last kind is special machines with a progressive jackpot option. On these slots, we can expect unpredictable large winnings, because the pool to win is growing with each game played. Such vending machines are even mega molah and mega fortune.

One-armed bandit, that is, the first mechanical machine had three drums (currently called more often rolls). It is to this simple machine to make the least complicated 3-drum machines online. But in virtual casinos, you can also find 5-drum slots (currently the most popular), less than 7-reel (with a complicated formula, recommended for advanced players) and the rarest 9-drum. It is worth starting a game from the simplest and over time to try more complicated formulas, with additional rounds and symbols.

Free machines and money

There are several options to get to know the characteristics of the game on machines without making a deposit. Some online casino, as part of encouraging potential customers, offer a demo version - for free and without registration. On other websites, we can expect free spins within the welcome bonus when registering your account. Free spins is nothing but free trials on specific machines. They allow us to familiarize yourself with the specificity of a given slot, without generating financial risk. Free spin is a common form of casino promotion - not only for new customers, but also permanent. They can be part of the offer promoting a new automaton, a prize in the tournament or a loyalty program or an additional bonus with the next account top-up. Free spins are extra motivation for people who play in slots for money.

With the development of technology, the game on automaties is currently entertainment not only booked for physical colored machines. Players can try their luck in the desktop version of online casinos, but also on a smartphone and tablet. Today's internet browsers and Flash enable a smooth game on the computer screen and other smaller devices. Part of the casino also offers a mobile application that allows a game on the machine without access to the Internet. Offline choice is considerable, and therefore the software is created by the same producers, online and offline machines practically do not differ from each other.

RTP, RNG and others - that is, useful concepts

  • RTP - Return to Player, or a return to the player. This is an indicator expressed in percent, which is a measure of the averaged refund that the automaton pays to players in a longer time. The higher, the more cheaply for players, but should be remembered that this is only statistics and not a guarantee of a specific payout.
  • color - Random Numbers Generator, or a random number generator. It is based on the RNG software operate all certified online games and thanks to this, we can be sure of revolutions.
  • Payout - This line on which the winning combination of symbols must set. Currently, many vending machines have more than one payline.
  • Payout - A kind of regulations of each machine, explaining pay lines, winning symbols and functions of individual special symbols.
  • Hit frequency - That is the frequency of strokes. This is a recognition concept, how often a given machine pays a win.
  • Spin - Otherwise, turning, or single activation of the rotation of drums to determine the result of the round.

The most important special symbols

  1. Scatter - Distributed symbol. Records the winner for the player even when it does not appear on the withdrawal line. 3 or more Scatter symbols usually activate a bonus round or free spins. The exact function depends on the machine.
  2. Wild - Wild symbol. It can replace any other symbol (except for Scatter symbol or other bonus symbol), thereby increasing the probability of winning.
  3. Free spins - Free spins. A bonus function activating spinning without loans. Depending on the machine, they can be an alternative to the SCATTER symbol.
  4. Multiplier - Multiplier. The function is available on some automatons, allowing to multiply a bonus win (2 - 10x).

Remember to familiarize yourself with the payout table of a given machine to determine the function of a given symbol on a specific auto.

Myths and tips for gaming machines

Winning games for games are sometimes giving a dizziness, so many myths circulates on this topic. We emphasize that the winnings on machines are a random and victorious combination of symbols may appear even twice in a row. The day or day of the week does not affect the chance of winning. Algorithms used by vending machines are not known to third parties and can not be hacked. Although there is no strategy that guarantees winning machines to increase your chances, but also play safely:

  • Choose machines with a high-phrase to the player (RTP) and low variability
  • Use bonuses and free spins to get to know a given machine better
  • Familiarize yourself with the tables of withdrawals and bonuses regulations
  • Exactly plan your budget when playing money.

Game vending machines daily provide a lot of emotions around the world. Developers what and moves launch a new machine with an even more interesting scenery, background sounds and leisure. The world of video slots is addictive and exciting and lucky people can bring really a lot of benefits. Currently, games for games are much more than ordinary one-armed bandit. We wish you pleasure to learn about new video machines!

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